Mornings and puzzles

I’m a huge addict of sudoko, crosswords, puzzles. In fact my whole family is so fond of solving puzzles in the morning newspaper, it is also a great bonding activity for weekend mornings when we can all sit down on our comfy lazy states asses, all working on our own choice of puzzles, discussing with each other where we are stuck, laughing, enjoying, with the love the fun! Ah nostalgic!IMG_8DCB45D23AE2-2.jpg

So, with that kindof history with puzzles, I was in love with this site I found recently, It has become my morning routine.

It has super fun jigsaw puzzles. You can select your level of difficulty. There are daily new puzzles. And also to add a slight competition, there are statistics of how many people solved it and in how much time.

I love solving puzzles on jspuzzles. It is also such a good break in the middle of the day when work is hectic and you need a break for your mind to refresh and start working again!


It is also accessible from your phone so great way to spend your time and work out your mind while travelling like in bus or train in your daily routine!

If you like puzzles, you must check out Do you have any such family rituals? 

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