Geek chic(or book nerd?)

Yes I’m a book nerd.

I love reading everything from fiction to self-growth to biographies to classics.

And Vogue? Well, yes that counts too! 

It’s just something I’ve got from my family. Everyone loves reading !

And I feel besides just gaining a lot of knowledge , it also opens your mind to the world. Reading makes you visualize and makes you think that fairy tales can exist in real life too. It makes you more open minded to accept things which may not always align perfectly with your school of thought. And for me that’s the most important thing to learn, grow and educate myself in. The world is so vast and to remain stuck in a place never to know other’s lives , cultures is a terrifying thought to me.


To me, books also show how to create your own perfect fairy tale. And I believe in  constantly working towards making our own fairy tale !

Talking about today’s outfit, for me the highlight in this was the plaid ! I love plaid, it is one of the most versatile pieces you can have, from shirts to dresses to coats to even bags and just a simple plaid shirt can be styled with a million options. Here I styled it with a simple gray ruched up mini skirt. I kept it simple with flats, a watch and glasses.

So, i’ll let you enjoy this outfit shot with the style to bring out the geek chics(or nerds?) inside us 😀


And yes I actually wear glasses as I need them, it isn’t just for the pictures !!

I hope you guys enjoy these kind of posts as much as I do where i  share my life with you guys along with new and different outfits. Stay connected with more for more regular outfits, on Instagram and Snapchat.

Plaid shirt: Forever 21 ; Skirt : Forever 21 ; Flats : Wet Seal ; Glasses : Vogue ; Watch: Fossil

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