Zara city bag | What’s in my bag?

Hey guys!

This is such a cliched post, and yet I’ve never done it before. So while hunting for a new work bag recently, I was browsing a lot of bags on pinterest, blogs, instagram, and alongwith that I came across so many of the whats in my bag posts, so I just had to do mine!

So let’s dive into this bag!


First i want to talk about this bag. I always have quite a hard time finding a good handbag, if you look for good quality, yoi have to expaaaand your budget; and if you don’t want to spend too much money the quality and style goes down. I found so many reasonably priced bags, from good brands, but they end up having sort of tacky details, zips, hardware etc. To me a bag is good looking when it’s quite minimalistic so these small details are what really matter to me when buying a bag. I feel Zara maintains the balance the best! They do such good designs and yet keeping the price in check. I’ve shown more pictures of it here.


This is the City Bag, I got it for $39.99. umm yes you read it right! That’s it like 40 bucks! And it looks like you paid a bomb for it. I’ve actually had quite a few people at work and friends ask me that bag must have been really expensive. But well..!!

It’s made of faux leather(another bonus for me because i don’t like using real leather) with has very classy looking metal hardware. Inside there is just one main pocket.

On my bag-hunt, I really wanted a bag which will fit my laptop, even though I do not carry it with me every day but if i had to carry it I wanted my bag to comfortably fit it. And this one does the job!


This cute little bag charm you can see from top is from my sister. That is kindof not appropriate for work so I carry it inside the bag instead of putting it on!

So coming to what’s inside my bag.

I feel when it comes to bags, there are 2 kinds of people, 1 who don’t carry anything at all, just basics like phone, some pen, maybe water?

And the other kind, who carry their world in their bags. yes i’m that girl !

As I mentioned it fits my laptop perfectly. Mine is a 13″ laptop so in case you’re wondering if this is a good size for yours.


Next inside is 1. my wallet – kate spade black wallet – all cards, spare cash go in this.

2. Sun glasses – from Urban Outfitters.

3. Hand cream – crabtree & evelyn orange hand cream I actually don’t remember buying this I must have picked it randomly some time time back but it’s a lovely refreshing scent.

4. Lip balm – carmex and burts bees hibiscus

I can’t go anywhere without these two. I’ve mentioned before about the Fresh sugar lip balm and that was my absolute go to but I recently finished it and found this amazing dupe   for it from burts bees and it’s literally a quarter of the price of Fresh. So yeah!

5. I have this emergency kit kind of thing I carry around, I have big time paranoia about emergency situations that might come up for me or any friend and I might need something from this. So far in life I’ve used stuff from it very rarely and that’s a good thing. So right now I have this galaxy print case which I got from Ipsy, it contains – an extra pair of glasses , lens case, wipes, sanitary pads, medicine, hair tie , some spare cash and any lipstick/eyeliner I’m using that day and might need through the day.

6. A comb to go with it.


7. Kindle – love taking this baby around and having a book to read wherever I go ! Thank you Amazon for inventing the kindle !!!
8. I use a planner mostly which is a bit heavy and not so convenient to carry around. So I carry a simple notebook for anything I might need. Some pens and post its. Coz many times I need to write down things and if I use the phone notes option I forget all about it till getting home. Along with a few pen drives.

9. Energy bars. These rx bars are amazing. I’m going to do a full post on them for you guys super soon!

10. Chargers for phone and laptop. And earphones.

11. Gloves, because it is too freaking cold where I live!

12. Keys, yoga studio tag and random hair ties.


And that’s my phone and water bottle perfect accompaniments!!

Do share with me whats your favorite handbag and what you carry in it! or tag me in your Instagram handbag pictures!

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