Confidence – my key to freedom |  Happy 2017 !! 

I’ve always read so much about how you should love yourself first and be confident in yourself blah blah blah. I’m sure we all come across such articles a lot.

Till some time back I never really realized how much this fact is affecting my life that I , to be very frank, do not love myself ! 

Everyone has insecurities but my insecurities were on some other level. I’ve always had huge huge amounts of love for people! Not just my family but every friend I meet I tend to go overboard in showering love and affection. And they’ve always done the same as well. But I never loved myself my body my mind never had confidence in myself. ! And it has affected my whole life , each and every aspect – from how I carry myself, my relationships, to the fact that at one point I believed that I don’t even deserve the jobs I’m applying to despite having good enough credentials ! Ah well!

So how I looked at myself was just affecting every thing in my life. How I carried myself how I behaved with people everything. I’ve been rock bottom in terms of having zero confidence in every single thing in my life. But that’s the benefit of hitting rock bottom , the only way from there is to go up.

So one fine day I decided to change things. Yes just like that I decided that this is enough! I’m done with beating myself up about everything in my life.

And the freedom that has come with the confidence – mind blowing ! When you stop thinking about things that hold you back, stop letting your insecurities pull you down, it’s so liberating so free!

It’s a hard and long path and I still struggle with it literally every single day of my life. Along with working on myself every single day with positivity, instead of the negatives pulling me down.

But learning to love myself has been the biggest lesson of my life and I really believe in spreading it to you all. I strongly believe we all need to love ourselves more and when all that love is there we need to stop hating each other be compassionate, raise each other along spread positivity and motivation. That’s my prime goal in everything , if I get one thing in life I want to share it with everyone and spread the joy to everyone because… why not??!!! So yes everything I learn in life I want everyone to know and if you can take anything good from my blabber then my work is done !!

So whether you’re a guy or a girl doesn’t matter, loving yourself accepting yourself is what brings confidence inside you to be the best version of yourself. And that’s all that you need in life – be the best version of yourself and you’ll shine, no matter who or where in the world you are! Most things in your life are linked to each other – we think that we need good things to happen to us to be happy and grateful in life but that’s wrong – you need to be happy and grateful in life for the good things to happen to you! You need to BELIEVE that good things will happen for that you need to be confident with your own self – be it your mind or your body!

It’s absolutely valid for relationships too be it friendships or with your partner. I don’t believe in any such concept that 2 people come together to become a whole, they complete each other – no they don’t. You have to be complete in yourself to come together with someone to add value to each other’s lives. So be complete by yourself, be whole, love yourself, believe in yourself be confident and make a way! Whatever you want make a way for it! Life is going to be hard, no one said it’s going to be easy. But it’s in your control to make it work how you want it to work. Wallowing in self pity and criticizing the world or your bad luck for your problems or finding a way trying to find your way constantly despite all odds and owning it! Every person is beautiful and unique so be you and do you! Rise and raise each other  !

And let’s all together be absolutely fucking great at it! 

P.S.#1 I do realize that I started somewhere else and concluded altogether differently, but it came from my heart! And I had to start 2017 on this note so here you go!

P.S.#2 quite old pictures from summer 2016. But these define the confidence I’ve been feeling from inside letting go of my insecurities slowly and that’s why here they are.

Outfit details –

Top : Forever 21

Jeans : Hollister

Heels : Vince Camuto

Shades: Francesca’s

And to end with content that inspires me every day and hope it does the same for you too.

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