My experience at the Derby! 

Hey you guys :* I’ve been trying to get this post up since a week, sooo excited about it!

If you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you would know I attended the Kentucky Derby wohoo!!

I had such an amazing time there and want to share it with you all along with the outfit I wore. 

I went along with 2 friends and we stayed in Cincinnati which was about an hour from Churchill Downs where the Derby took place.

Cincinnati, Ohio

So the main event was on Saturday and we reached on Friday and just chilled for that day. It was raining heavily uptil Friday night and forecast predicted rains for Saturday as well. So we carried along rain ponchos.

Also, I did not carry my camera for the trip as it is not allowed inside anyway so all the pictures are from my phone.

Saturday, we reached Churchill Downs around 1 and first off had a crazy time parking our car. So, the residents in that area let you park in their garages and parking lots for around $20-50. You can also heckle a bit for this.

Churchill Downs

We found a parking spot super close and did not have to walk much, which would be a pain wearing heels.

Once inside, it was super super crowded. We had tickets for the infield and padlock area. And even those from the box seats were at the infield in between matches. It was a lot of fun though, enjoying good company with mint juleps, snacks and observing beautifully dressed people. 😀

Outfit Details

Luckily the weather stayed great with little drizzle a few times in the day. We also placed a few bets in the final Derby including the winning horse.

Mint julep
Enjoying my derby hat!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I’ll be back soon with another post.

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat for more current updates !

Highly recommended – Ambar Indian restaurant in Cincinnati , Ohio !

Outfit – 
Dress – Target 
Fishnet stockings – local boutique 
Boots – Urban Outfitters 
Hat – Macy’s 
Bag – Zara 

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