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Bringing a very different post today. Apart from the outfits and the beauty and the travel I talk about , I also read a lot and today sharing 5 books I read recently which I highly recommend to everyone. And with summer here , you can definitely get these on your summer reading list.

My cute little reading nook.

Also won’t be sharing any spoilers here so read on!

Small great things by Jodi picoult 

This book really makes you think and think hard. We all see and hear news of racism or terrorist attacks across the world but this book presents how racism affects a regular woman’s life and how prevalent it is among us on a daily basis. Highly recommended by me.

Option B. By Sheryl Sandberg 


I have read Lean In and absolutely loved it. Definitely wanted to read this too. It’s more of her personal story but it gave me strength and motivation that adversity does come in everyone’s life and we have to deal with it. Feeling weak isn’t a failure ! Get cozy with a cup of hot tea and do give it a shot and you’ll also shed a lot of tears so be prepared !

Almost adulting by Arden Rose

I bought this book randomly. I did not expect to like it at alllll, but I really enjoyed it.

Also, it’s written by Arden Rose who’s a YouTuber and among the ones who I really admire for how much she’s grown from the time she started off. So I picked this up expecting it to be a casual read and just wanted to see whats the style of writing etc as I always enjoy her videos.

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The book overall is definitely a light read and with a lot of good humor and very well written. The content is super super relatable for anyone in their 20s. So definitely try it if you’re in the mood for some fun adulting tips and tricks. And the sketches and lists here and there make it more fun.

You are a badass by Jen Sincero

These last 2 books have become like reference books for me. They’re in my kindle and I read them ofteennn. I go to my favorite parts every now and then. It is actually similar to The Secret but more fun to read.

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

I’ve been in the mindset to practice mindfulness since quite some time. And this book is one of the things that had started me off. It’s a wonderful read just read it once I have no other words ! I am still nowhere in being more mindful but I can say that I try every day and some days I pass and some days I fail and well, it’s a journey!

So these are some books I have been reading. Besides these, I’m also currently reading How to be a bawse and loving it so far !

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