Five Friday Favorites #17

Hey everyone :*

How’re you all? I feel like it’s been ages I’ve talked to you all. I’ve been super busy with family and I’ve been traveling a lot this past few months. And that means a lot of exciting posts for you all 😀

But before that, here’s a fun set of Friday favorites !! 

First up is this super gorgeous crossbody chain bag from Zara. I absolutely adore its buckle and chain design. Just so perfect for every occasion. Absolute love <3

Next is this Farsali 24k gold elixir. I bought this on a whim and because it was trending everywhere on Instagram haha. But I loveee it so much. It really gives me such a healthy glow, it’s not at all greasy and sinks right in to the skin. I mostly use it as my day moisturizer because it’s not at all too heavy. I definitely recommend you all to try it!

It’s summer and I live in Florida so there’s abundance of sun. And I hate sunscreens from the core of my heart. Ugh. But then I tried this one from La Roche Posay which has made me use sunscreen every day. Which used to be a chore earlier is now something I gladly do. It’s called dry touch spf 60. It is a little thick to spread so sometimes I add a drop of the Farsali oil and blend it with that. It’s never been greasy on me and doesn’t give any sort of white residue. This sunscreen is a must have.

Another skin care item on my list is this super cute gel moisturizer. I bought it at sephora in their new Korean beauty launches. It’s by Primary Raw and it’s the soy milk gel cream. Yes I’ll admit I bought it just for the adorably cute jar. It even comes with a mini spatula ah my heart! But it’s also very hydrating and great to use for summer. Love it!

Last up today is this glitter phone case. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus and I’ve been playing around with a lot of transparent cases and this is my favorite. It has falling waterfall style pink glitter it looks oh so pretty. I got it from amazon. It makes my heart happy every time I look at my phone.

That’s all for the five Friday favorites. And as a bonus as my favorite all day everyday is this display lightbox you see in the picture. I’m in constant love with it and keep putting motivating quotes or whatever I’m feeling that day!

Stay tuned for some fun travel posts soon!

Have a great weekend :*

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