Hurricane Irma deciding my life?

I think I’ll buy that cute dress for the Quebec City trip I’m planning.

I think I’ll take a picture at that adorable cafe I pinned on Pinterest.

I think I’ll make that YouTube video I’ve been planning for ages.

I think I’ll ask out that cute guy I see everyday at the grocery store.

I think I’ll go home for this Diwali atleast.

I think I’ll give that certification exam that will boost my job skills. 

I think I think I think….but what do I DO? 


Well, before I pick up my ass to do any of those things, God thinks of something and actually does it. I’ve never in my life been the one to be ungrateful for what I have, but I still take one thing for granted every day in my life – TIME.

Yes, the first thing anyone would say to that is oh you’re so young and have a lot of time. Well you know what – probably not.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Tampa, Florida. And Florida, along with the Caribbean , Cuba , Puerto Rico, was hit by a massive hurricane from the Atlantic this week.

Yes, I’m safe and sound but as every one of us thinks probably after every disaster … how sensitive is life and how foolish are we to plan our lives with the blind arrogance that being young gives us !

Nature came in between to spoil many of my plans, we all might have had weekend plans to go to that fancy restaurant or study for that upcoming exam or to spend time with your loved ones but are these first world plans anything in front of what God plans ? NO

I’m sure in the next few years, we would have advanced in technology to the level to control or atleast prevent such type of natural disasters, but can we control or prevent  the newer and bigger disasters Mother Nature might create after that. We can’t. No technology can control the absolutely unimaginable things Nature is capable of doing. And it’s not just the disasters, things just happen, life has a way of turning things around when you least expect it.

Beautiful Florida <3

And without the most advance of technologies, YOU can control it. By living in this moment!

Oh yes I know it’s the most cliched thing you hear every single day. But life has a way to make unexpected things keep happening unless you start realizing it’s worth, you start being grateful for it. You start being less arrogant about your plans and about how well your life is going. About how you have this amazing life partner and amazing job and amazing car and amazing house…no one is saying that you didn’t work hard for what you have and you don’t deserve to be proud of it. But before your job, before your house, before your car, you have your LIFE, your beating heart, your family’s beating heart and is all the money in the world worth anything without these?

Small things bringing smiles!

Unless we learn to be humble about it, unless we see what we have, appreciate it , and never ever arrogantly take it for granted – until then, life will keep finding ways to screw us over.

Go ahead and plan your life, but don’t assume everything will be how you think, because it never will be like that. So have dreams, do your best to make them come true , but don’t be arrogant enough to believe it’ll all be like how it looks in that picture in your head.

So be kind, this world needs more love, more laughter, more joy, live right NOW, enjoy everything that you have, have savings of course but don’t hesitate to spend where your heart wants, go that extra mile to do things that’ll make you happy NOW, don’t keep planning things for later, start working out NOW, be the person you want to NOW, I’ll do this when that happens after I go there with that person, NO- go live your heart out. Tell that person you love, right NOW, spend time with who you love, right now, do every small thing that makes you happy and work hard for achieving more things.

Eat the Ice Cream NOW.. it won’t stop melting! 😀


Another one of my ‘thinking’ posts… but all this thinking is finally making me start on the plans I keep making for myself, and you guys will see it all soon, I promise 😉 

Stay tuned and stay safe! 

Lots and lots of love to you all, 

Poorva :*

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