Five Friday Favorites #18

Hello my loves :* 

Yes it’s that time when we have… 



Favorites ❤️ 

This edition, I won’t even call them favorites , because I’m madly madly in love with allll these, so much so that I wish I would buy 10 of these and stock up alreadyyyy.

So getting started with the first one which breaks my heart the most , because it is (WAS) limited edition. Why Lush why !!!!

Lush Smuggler’s soul face scrub .. this is by far the best face wash/mild scrub I’ve used in my life. It was launched for the Father’s Day collection, as it has smoky sandalwood fragrance tones and is unisex and I genuinely wish I had bought more of these. It cleans my face so so well and brightens me up instantly !! Love it to the core!

Next up is another Lush item –

Lush Scrubee body butter – this was a completely random purchase as I’ve never tried a solid body butter before. And it also smelled delicious, like honey and cake so I got this and I love it so much. It’s more of a hydrating body scrub rather than a butter. You use it in the shower and every time I use it my skin feels super smooth and moisturized. It is such a genius product, saves time from using a lotion separately and does the job so well! Definitely try it if you can.

Replica Beachwalk by Maison Margiela. I have always wanted to get one of the scents from this line, they make scents which remind you of certain memories and I think that’s such a wonderful idea. Especially because their scents actually are that good!

The one I got is called Beachwalk and it smells just so amazing, it’s fresh with sandy and musk notes. I’d love to get its bigger size next time!

Buxom lip cream I have been so much into matte lip colors since a long time now. This lip cream is not exactly glossy but not anywhere close to matte either.

For me, it feels perfect for everyday wear, the finish brightens up my face. And the shade I have, Dolly, is the perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade for me and it gives a very subtly natural look! I’ve been wearing it literally every single day since I got it.

Here’s a picture with this lip cream.

I also posted these earrings on my Instagram recently and a lot of people wanted to see how they look on me so there you go !!

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub – Another Lush one! I have used this before and I picked it up randomly again and fell all over in love. It is a simple sugar scrub.

I know I can easily DIY this for a fraction of the price but I never end up doing it so this is a great thing to have. It makes my lips super soft and smooth and leaves them smelling like candy. Who doesn’t want that 😉

Have you used any of these ? Let me know and also what have been your recent favorites!! 

See you guys soon! 

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