2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes

Did we just finish another year??!!!!! How is time flying soon fast ah!!

I know it sounds just so cliched but I swear I remember 1st Jan 2017 so vividly(was it not yesterday!!!), we partied, we prayed at a temple, we were hopeful of having a lovely year despite a not so lovely 2016. And now, we are at 1st Jan 2018, like seriously what is going onnnn!!!!


Going back to talking about 2017, I had some MAJOR ups and downs. From being jobless to being (almost) homeless to getting fooled for money to crying senselessly over my career, family, boys everything!!! to my first car breakdown in the middle of nowhere to buying my (first) car to renting my own big-girl-big-city apartment to a job I love to finally knowing and moving towards my fitness goals to traveling a lotttt to spending amazing time with old friends and to meeting wonderful new ones and to meeting the love of my life <3 Yes, this year truly had it all!

I strongly feel it is super important to take forward the good vibes from the previous year along with the lessons learnt into the next year. Yes, every day can be a new start but a new year is a clearer canvas to do things you thought you’ll accomplish the previous year you couldn’t or maybe do them better!

Sometimes it can feel that this year was such a waste and was terrible, but to think back and compare today with the same day last year shows us how life has changed, and how we have changed which is so important to keep moving forward in life! So, welcoming and accepting these changes is super important to plan and work more on ourselves in this new year!

So, anyway, well hello every body! Hope you’re all having a great 2018 so far 😀

I’m curled up in my bed with a hot mug of tea as I publish this post right now. It’s kinda cloudy outside and it looks like its gonna rain soon! How is the weather where you live?

I had a super quiet New year beginning after a super beautiful Christmas at St. Augustine and a super crazy partying week!

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This was my 2017 vision board, focussed a lot on fitness and positivity!!

As I work on creating a 2018 vision board today, I just wanted to share some thoughts I had for the upcoming year. These are not exactly resolutions, but just small musings and wonderings in my mind as we start another new year!

  1. I want to learn to be patient this year. Yes, in the 26 years of my life I have realized this at least 26 times, but this year this is super crucial to implement. Not to get annoyed at small things especially with family.
  2. I want to make more effort to how I dress, and everyday outfits. It is not just about outfits, but about putting thought and time into dressing up every day. It sounds like something very trivial but I have realized it does make a difference in how my day goes and how I feel about my day.
  3. I was successfully able to implement being mindful, and enjoying the moment as well as setting goals and planning this year. I want to continue improving on that and make more conscious efforts in planning and executing!
  4. As I’m getting married this year(YES!!), I want to be less self-conscious and be more carefree to enjoy each and every moment of this time!
  5. I want to be more and more connected with family and spend every time possible with them, even if from far!
  6. Continue with my fitness journey and achieve new goals in Crossfit and in clean eating.
  7. I want to prioritize my family life slightly more than my career. But this is actually a crucial and decisive year for my career as well and it can change a lot of things, so that is scary! I also want to focus on career-related things that I’ve been procrastinating on this year.
  8. Very important – not to be hard on myself. Ease up, enjoy the ride!

It’s going to be a very scary year, with new beginnings and lot of unexpected and new things coming up. But well, that’s the story of every year isn’t it. Positive vibes are what i’m all about! My vision board is almost ready to go,so YAY!!!

Dream your dream life and execute it !!!! Lots of love and success to you all :*


Lots and lots of love,



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