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Hello everybody!

I’m back after a truly long hiatus! And as most of you would know the reason, I got married 😀

And since it was kindof at a short notice, the planning and everything was done super quick and its just now that I’m slowly getting back into daily life routine.
Over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing more details about my wedding outfits, decor, locations and more pictures of US!!
But today, let’s talk about the basics – the actual planning.
Now, for a little bit of a background we are both based in US and our parents in Delhi. So we visited Delhi for our Roka in November and this is also when the wedding date was fixed. And we had less than 3 months! And we also could not have another trip planned to India in this short duration so most of the work was done by our parents while we were CONSTANTLY on Facetime for these 3 months!
While I was there in November, I did the first step of picking out my bridal lehenga. And that was a great decision, because it took 2 months to get ready!
Our next step was to pick out the venues. And our parents together selected the venues.
Once these were done, we were all more calm and took our time and patience to plan the rest.
My dad and I both are big-time organizing freaks and we used a lot of Excel and Google sheets to plan guest lists, outfits, themes, decor ideas, budget etc.
This is where I also started using the Wedmegood app. Here you can find, shortlist & contact wedding vendors saving time and money, and they also have this feature to set a timeline, and they include all the necessary tasks within that timeline. I could take off the tasks which were not applicable to me and organise them in the order I needed them to be.
For my make up artist, I had a few leads from friends and instagram, so I shortlisted them and finalised them after discussions and pictures. I never had the time to take any trial so I did a lot of research on them and thankfully they did an amazing job.
When it came to selecting vendors for mehendi artist, decor for smaller events, customized things, I did all the research only on this app. They have a good list of wedding photographers, venues & more, you can also see ratings & pictures to judge their work and contact them directly without any intervention of any 3rd party.! It’s that simple.



I found this app super easy to use and very very helpful! It gave me a sense of clarity to have everything written down within a timeline. Ofcourse, you can write that down anywhere or even in a notebook, but here when you see an open task, it takes you directly to the list of vendors for that purpose and you don’t need to waste time researching on your own. And these are all tried, tested and rated vendors so makes for very efficient and productive planning right there!
So, thats all for today. Do let me know guys if there’s anything in particular you guys would like to know about my wedding, or any sort of planning 🙂
See you all super soon :*

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