5 Snack Ideas for Clean Eating.

Snacking is something we often don’t plan for when we think about meal prepping. And snacks are where we involuntarily consume a lot of calories and unnecessary food. I always get hungry mid-day around 3-4pm and I want to grab anything and everything in my line of sight, this could be chips or cookies or candy.

But since I have started to prep for my snacks too, I find I just don’t get the urge to reach out for candy. I have also reduced my sugar cravings by a lot and it helps me stay within my day’s macro goals.

These are some of my snack ideas, that are easy, healthy, filling and super yummy!

  1. Hummus and Carrots – I am the biggest fan of hummus alive. No, seriously! I can eat it for any meal and with anything. It also makes for a great snack. But pairing it with chips or fries just adds on to the calories.
    70Cal/2tbsp hummus 4gC 5gF 2gP + 4cal/carrot

    I find, having it with carrots, or cucumber maintains the taste, fills me up enough for a snack and is also nutritious. Recently, I took my hummus game to an altogether new level by making it at home! You can try it too, the full recipe is here.
  2. Fruits and Nut butter – This is another combination that is so classic and delicious. But it can easily get super loaded with calories if not done right.
    Watermelon, pineapple, blueberries with sugar-free peanut butter and chia seeds.

    The main aspect here is to choose your nut butter carefully. I get one from my local grocery store which is made fresh, without preservatives or added sugars. Or you can make it at home. It really feels like a full dessert in the middle of the day.

  3. Berries on Chia toast – This is another dessert in the middle of the day! It is an open sandwich, on Ezekiel or sprouted grain bread. You can toast it or warm it up to your preference. Spread on some nut butter (same as #2), top it with berries and chia seeds. Yum!
    Blueberry PB toast: 196 Calories; 23gC 8gF 8gP

4. Vegetable sandwich – A light sandwich for the mid-day hunger. I prefer it as an open sandwich or one with just a single piece of bread folded over, a light layer of hummus and a few cucumber, spinach and tomato slices. Simple, delicious, filling and low on calories!
Veg Sandwich – 131 cal/sandwich; 21gC 3gF 6gP

5. Yogurt and fruit – Another classic combination. I had made this delicious fruit ‘cream’ some time back. With whipped greek yogurt, and a mix of fruits and some lemon juice.
Fruit cream: 136 cal/serving ; 29gC 8gF 6gP

Or, you can go the Parfait way, with some yogurt in a cup, topped with fruits. 

Hope you liked some of these snack ideas! Do try them and tag me on Instagram if you do, I would love to repost yours! 🙂

Have fun and eat clean!




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