Merry Christmas 2018 | Chai DIY gift 🎁

Hey you all :*

I know this is a super duper late post, and I should have shared this idea with you before Christmas so you all can use it for your friends and family, but I wanted to keep it a surprise for my family and so decided to share it now! You can make it for any occasion, or just like that for your own pantry to stock and use whenever you need some instant chai-lovin’.

We had a lovely Christmas this year, with my parents visiting us in Florida. We exchanged some sweet gifts under our tree and had great food 🙂

One of the gifts that I made myself this year was this DIY Chai Mason jar.


If you remember I had made something similar a couple years back, you can see the full post and recipe here. It was a hot chocolate DIY and that one is still my absolute favorite!

But this year I decided to do something different. Mainly because my parents as well as my husband would prefer chai/tea over hot chocolate anyday !

To start, I looked alllll over for some instant tea powder but could not get any good one. I tried this recipe first with Lipton tea powder but it just did not work out. It did not blend well with the water and I hated it.

So finally, I went with regular tea bags and came up with this fun and sweet gift DIY.

This is all the stuff you would need –

Small mason jars – I used these tiny mason jars. You can use bigger ones too, but since we won’t be filling up as much so I went with the small ones.

Tea – I used simple ‘English breakfast’ tea bags.

Milk/creamer – I used powdered creamer here. You can use evaporated milk powder or any other plain creamer.


Sugar – I used coconut sugar that we use in our home for tea and coffee. Since this coconut sugar is brown, I felt it also gave a nice color contrast to the whole jar. You can use regular sugar or even skip sugar as you prefer.

Spice – I used 0.5 tsp of a homemade tea spice we have. This is a powdered mix of cardamom, cloves, ginger. You can add any spice you love, like cinnamon or pepper even!


I topped my jars with some bits and pieces of Parle-G biscuits. This was a fun addition, and gives the experience of dunking in Parle-G biscuits in our mug of chai, and when some of them fall into the mug and dissolve giving an absolutely lovely flavor! As a kid, I only used to dunk in these cookies in my mom’s chai mug! aah sweet memories 🙂

Next step is to just layer these in your little jars and you’re done!

Wrap them up or gift them as is! You only need to mix these with a cup of boiling water and you have a delicious cup of tea ready!

Do try and tag me in your pictures!

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