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Hey my loves :*

It’s been quite a while that we’ve had a chat on this page about serious things. And today, I am here to talk about something I love, something that I’m very passionate about, something that I look for everywhere I go, and that is …. *buildup music* Chocolate covered strawberries!!

You guys, I am not even kidding, I love them with a passion. I seek them out wherever I go. To me, they are a symbol of love, romance, passion and everything beautiful in this world!

Now that I’ve shown you all today’s share of my drama, let’s get to today’s actual topic!

This is the first time I tried making overnight oats at home. (I tried before but this is the first time I was successful so we’ll ignore the other times)

I have been on a clean calorie deficit for quite some time and was craving some super rich decadent dessert. But, I also did not want to waste my efforts at the gym.

So, I came to this compromise right here –


*Chocolate chips on top are just for presentation purposes*

*Keeping things real and honest here, guys*

So, for overnight oats, you need some kind of oats *duh*.

I started with thick rolled oats. Poured them into a mason jar that has a tight lid. I will list all measurements at the end. Just walking you through the process here.

I used some cacao powder for the chocolate flavor. It is unsweetened and has quite a nutty taste. You can use any cocoa powder of your choice. I added this very generously to get a rich chocolate flavor. Again, you can adjust the quantity to how chocolatey you prefer. Although, how anyone could prefer less chocolate is beyond me!

Moving on…

Another thing to note here is that, I did not use any sweetener in mine. I did add honey on top for my husband as he does not have the natural sweetness that I do. *rolls eyes*

So based on your taste and health preference, you could add some sweetener into the oats at this point or you could skip it now and top with some honey or maple syrup before serving.

Next, I added a generous serving of chia seeds to give a thick texture.


*The green tea in the picture is just so you can sip on it while you make these oats. *

I mixed it all with Almond milk. Again, I used the unsweetened variety which I had in my fridge. You can use any milk of your choice. Dairy, almond, soy, coconut … the world is your oyster.

This is the basic recipe for these chocolate overnight oats and you can stop right here. But, I went a little extra and added some nuts to get a portion of healthy fats in. Almonds and raisins. You could add a spoonful of peanut or almond butter here and that would give a really good creaminess!

Stir everything well, seal the jar tightly, and pop it in the fridge *overnight*.

Ta – da!

Here are what the oats look like the next morning – 

I stirred the jar very well and went ahead to decorate them a bit.

I went overboard with the strawberries and this is where the real magic happened. After I made a big spoonful with a strawberry piece layered with the decadent chocolate oats, it tasted so much like creamy chocolate covered strawberries.  

Oh so delicious! These turned out to be super super creamy, very chocolatey just like I imagined them to be.

For my tastebuds, the strawberries and the raisins gave it enough sweetness. But, you could add bananas or honey or top it with coconut sugar to make it super sweet as you like it!

Whichever way you decide to make this, I am sure you will love them as much as I did. They taste like a decadent dessert, and that too for breakfast!


Chocolate covered strawberries overnight oats Recipe

-Poorva Bhatia

Servings: 2

Nutrition: 215 | 29g C | 7g F | 8g P


  • 60 grams Rolled oats
  • 240 ml Unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp Cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp Chia seeds
  • 20 grams Nuts
  • 4 medium Strawberries


In a mason jar, mix in the oats, almond milk, cacao powder, chia seeds and nuts.

Stir and seal the jar.

Leave them in the fridge overnight.

Serve chilled in the morning.

Top with strawberries.

This is a flexible recipe. Add ingredients as per your taste, experiment and play around with the flavors!


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