Ipsy Glam Bag April Review.

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for not being so active of late, exams and a lot of other tensions going on :/

So, anyway, I showed you all my March Ipsy glambag here. I was not sure whether I wanted to subscribe to it again or not but I gave it a shot and well, I do feel sometimes such things should get atleast 3 chances to prove themselves, no? 😀

So here I am with my April glambag!


This month’s theme was Beauty Rocks as shown on the bag itself in the first picture; and I loveeeee the bag this month! I love the color 😀

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What I hauled this August!

Hey 🙂 how’re you all?

I know it’s a bit late to post the august haul but better late than never 😛

As I told you all in the previous post, I’m in Chicago and have shopped a bit ever since I came here. Okay, not a bit, but quite a lot 😛 I came here on 14th august, and this is all of what I bought in august as before 14th, I was too busy in packing and all to shop!

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First Look: Benefit How to look the best at everything.


Hello everyone!

How’re we all today? It’s a beautiful day, no? well, it is for me as it’s my birthday 😛 lol

By the way, did you know that the Google doodle says happy birthday to you on your birthday? I didn’t know and I got freaked out last night when I saw cakes and party stuff as the doodle and just hovered over it and it read Happy Birthday, Poorva! Omg it was scary but nice 🙂

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