The Body Shop Vineyard Peach body scrub Review.


I love peaches! Eating peaches, Tropicana peach mango juice, peach flavor in lip balms, makeup, peach color…all of them 😀

And that’s the reason I HAD to try the vineyard peach range of The Body Shop.

So I got this body scrub and body lotion during thanksgiving sale!

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Five Friday Favorites #7.


Hey guys!

I’m back with this week’s Five Friday Favorites. I hope you guys enjoy reading such posts as much as I enjoy writing them 😀

You must have seen in the news how Chicago(&other places) in US are facing extreme weather with some polar vortex which has hit these northern areas. I was so scared to come back in this weather. But the weather here is better and though there’s fresh snowfall almost every alternate day, it’s tolerable!

And for some weird reason, I’m actually enjoying this cold weather. Temperature these days remains in the range of -18/-12 to 0/1 degree Celsius! 😛

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The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review.


I’ve wanted to try a body polish from The Body Shop since a very long time but somehow never got around to buying it. I’d heard so much good stuff about this body polish and now that I’ve finally tried it I’ll share my experience with you guys 😀

I got this body polish in my Black Friday TBS Tote bag that I showed you here. The bag had some amazing goodies and this is one of them 😀

Okay, one confession, you all know I’m such a big TBS fan BUT I had never smelled their ‘Satsuma’ flavor before! 😮

No, I’m not joking! I had seen and read about the Satsuma stuff, but though I am fond of oranges, I always thought it’s just a simple orange smell, there won’t be anything special about it. I preferred to choose the strawberries, chocolates over orange 😀

So, when I got this body polish in Satsuma, my first thought was, it would have been better if I had got it in Strawberry 😛

But then the story changed completely when I opened the lid and the smell hit me.

Oh My God!! This stuff smells completely utterly delicious!

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The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub Review.


Hey everyone 🙂

How’s the new year going?

When I went to Chicago in august, I did not take any bath and body stuff with me! Nothing! So I needed to buy some essentials soon. And for my love for TBS and they also had a sale going on, this was one of the first stuff I bought in September.

The Honeymania range hasn’t been launched in India yet as far as I know or it is going to be launched soon I think. I was quite interested to try this range as I’m very fond of honey and its fragrance. So, I bought almost all my essentials from this range itself 😛 I bought this body scrub, bubble bath, EDT and a mini butter from this range and a blueberry butter and this spa wisdom body soufflé.

Before coming to India I took pictures of all things I was ready to review and I’m reviewing this body scrub for you all today! 🙂

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Thanksgiving/November big haul!

Hey everyone!

I told you all last week that I’ll show you my November haul soon so here I am! I had not bought a single thing whole of September and October except few essentials for this weather and so I hauled quite a lot of stuff this month.

The sales here during thanksgiving are just huge! I’d heard about the sale season but never knew the extent of the discounts! And most brands start sales at the beginning of number itself!

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Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.

Hey everyone 🙂

How’s the week going?

Of late, I’ve become such a ‘store-shopper’ and I hardly shop online and this when I was a hard core impulsive online shopper a few months back. I guess the reason might be how sites have now decreased the discounts they give. 😦 it’s really disappointing!

I love finding online deals with great discounts and recently I came across this site CupoNation, they have a lot of great beauty coupons, you can find them here. Do check it out 🙂

But hey, that’s not what today’s post is about… so let’s move on!

As long as I can remember I’ve always had some ingrown hair on the back of arms, near my underarms and near my elbows. I almost accepted them as a permanent thing on my body. I used to read and hear that regular scrubbing/exfoliating can remove these but I never believed and never bothered about it.

Well, today I have almost negligible ingrown hair. Thanks to TBS body scrub. Oh no no this isn’t the “Main pehle bhot hataash tha” kinda thing. LOL. I’m being perfectly honest here.

I have been using this scrub regularly for over a month now. By regularly I mean 2-3 times a week.

Before this scrub, all I had ever used for exfoliation were very mild scrubs or exfoliating liquid body washes which never made any significant difference to my skin other than making it a little smooth and soft. I guess all this time, I just needed a strong scrub like this one. The Body Shop olive scrub actually does the scrubbing part very seriously. I’m almost tempted to try this on my face to get rid of a few stubborn blackheads but then my skin is too sensitive so I won’t 😦

Just last week I noticed the absence of the ingrown hair on my arms and this is the only product that could have done it.

You can read the full review here.


I’ve been raving about this scrub to everyone I know 😛 I’m basically completely in love with this body scrub and this tub is almost over. But please note, my sister also uses it and so, one person can’t really finish up this huge tub in 1 month alone!!

I will definitely be repurchasing this in Olive or some other flavour!

What’s your favourite bath product these days?

My favourites – May 2013.


Another monthly favourites post!

This month was a very emotional month! My college farewell took place and it was the last month of college, its kindof hard to accept that college is over! Spent four memorable years here and made amazing friends!

Between all this and my final practicals, project presentation and the extreme heat in Delhi, I hardly used makeup this month and had absolutely no time to try new stuff!

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REVIEW: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub


The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

According to The Body Shop,

This exfoliating body scrub with organic olive oil is perfect for normal to dry skins. It leaves skin soft and smooth.

  • Stimulates skin microcirculation
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Neutral olive scent



Price: INR 995 for 200ml.


Available at The Body Shop stores.

My experience:

This scrub has the spotlight in my bathroom shelf these days. It’s being used VERY often. You all know my love for The Body Shop and getting amazing goodies by one of my favouritteee brands was surely a delight. This is one of the goodies I got when I attended their Earth Day event, you can read more about that here.

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My favourites – April 2013.


Another month over! Phew! This was a fun month for me and also a month which has taken a few major decisions of my life. I’ll share them with you once they’re finalized 🙂

I am sorry for not being regular since some time, my laptop was giving me major trouble and it finally crashed on Friday 😦 All my data is in it so can’t post anything right now, thankfully I had already completed this post and it was in the drafts to be posted at the end of the month!

I had a lotttt of favourites this month, as you can see!

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