Its here : The Casual Vacancy

I’m absolutely elated right now. I have it in my hands… The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling. Yippee JJ J.K.Rowling does that to all of us, doesn’t she? J By the way, I’m a big big big Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling fan and so had been waiting for this book since the time it was announced.Continue reading “Its here : The Casual Vacancy”

My Sunday :)

My Sunday J   Hello everyone J I had a great Sunday, completely relaxed. I spent it with family, at home and did everything I like. 😛 Some pictures from today …. my very own “spinach and corn pasta in white sauce” 🙂please ignore the water on the plate… i was over excited to clickContinue reading “My Sunday :)”

Online shopping.

Of course we all love online shopping, but not all are comfortable with online shopping.I am kind of new to online shopping. I say kind of because since I’ve started I’m hooked to online shopping. 😛The excitement of waiting for my order, the joy of opening the package can’t be compared to shopping in stores.Continue reading “Online shopping.”

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