Vellvette Box Review – April 2013.

So I’m back here with this month’s Vellvette box 🙂 I’m quite glad I’ve got it so early in the month this time, as promised by the Vellvette team last month! In fact, it came so unexpectedly today, I didn’t even have time to get excited for it 😛

Vellvette box review: December 2012.

I finally got my December Vellvette Box today. I really wanted my box to come on Christmas, but I got it today. It’s okay, better late than never 😛

Vellvette box review: November 2012

I finally got my vellvette box today ! In a way I am glad that I did not get the NYX shadow many people had got in their boxes. Over all I like this month’s box but I liked the previous ones better. J Enjoy the pictures J

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