REVIEW: Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm.

Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm. According to Figs & Rouge, Moisturizing with power packed ingredients. Excellent for soothing dry, sore and irritated lips and skin. Intense and delicious. Petroleum free lip balm – soothing, protecting and long lasting! Ingredients: Price: INR 695/- for 17ml. Available at  umm… nowhere? 🙁 Vellvette would probably stockContinue reading “REVIEW: Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm.”

Vellvette Box Review – February 2013.

So here is this month’s Vellvette box, I received just an hour back! You must have seen the contents in other blogs, the contents are mostly same this time for all boxes. I wish Vellvette doesn’t make the stuff same in all boxes, it should be like it used to be in the initial boxesContinue reading “Vellvette Box Review – February 2013.”

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