‘Chocolate covered strawberries’ overnight oats | Vegan | Sugar free | Clean eating

Hey my loves :* It’s been quite a while that we’ve had a chat on this page about serious things. And today, I am here to talk about something I love, something that I’m very passionate about, something that I look for everywhere I go, and that is …. *buildup music* Chocolate covered strawberries!! ViewContinue reading “‘Chocolate covered strawberries’ overnight oats | Vegan | Sugar free | Clean eating”

15 min Quick Spicy Pasta

A busy Wednesday at work, full of meetings and deadlines. I had been out for dinner the previous night and had nothing prepared to bring to lunch. And, I did not get any time to drive to the closest restaurant to pick up something. The office building has a cafe with a limited hot sandwichesContinue reading “15 min Quick Spicy Pasta”

5 Snack Ideas for Clean Eating.

Snacking is something we often don’t plan for when we think about meal prepping. And snacks are where we involuntarily consume a lot of calories and unnecessary food. I always get hungry mid-day around 3-4pm and I want to grab anything and everything in my line of sight, this could be chips or cookies orContinue reading “5 Snack Ideas for Clean Eating.”

Hummus Love | Recipe

I first had Hummus at a Mediterranean restaurant, Acropolis I think. I found it really creamy and delicious. I happen to have a soft spot in my heart for dips, spreads, chutneys and the like. This was a unique new addition to my list.  I then went on to try the local grocery-store version ofContinue reading “Hummus Love | Recipe”

DIY Hot Chocolate in a jar 

Hey everyone !!! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas !! I had a lot of fun with a lot of gifts and food with friends! It was a super warm happy weekend for us!

REVIEW – Foodpanda.in online site.

I am a big big foodie! I absolutely love eating 😛 it also shows on my weight 😛 lol but I just can’t resist food! When I saw this website – Foodpanda.in for the first time, the foodie in me was so excited 😛 Though I love love love eating out with friends and family,Continue reading “REVIEW – Foodpanda.in online site.”

Some shopping and a wonderful day :)

It’s my bestest friend’s birthday today and we (3 of us) had gone to Ambience and Promenade for lunch J It was a wonderful day J happy birthday Komal J I love you :* Some of the food  😛       By the way, this was one of the best pastas I’ve ever hadContinue reading “Some shopping and a wonderful day :)”

The China Kitchen.

Hello everyone J Yesterday, I went to a party at The China Kitchen, Hyatt. It was a casual dinner by my Dad’s friend. Chinese food is one of my most favourite but this was my first time trying authentic Chinese cuisine. And well, I won’t say I loved it. I would say that our veryContinue reading “The China Kitchen.”

My Sunday :)

My Sunday J   Hello everyone J I had a great Sunday, completely relaxed. I spent it with family, at home and did everything I like. 😛 Some pictures from today …. my very own “spinach and corn pasta in white sauce” 🙂please ignore the water on the plate… i was over excited to clickContinue reading “My Sunday :)”

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