‘Chocolate covered strawberries’ overnight oats | Vegan | Sugar free | Clean eating

Hey my loves :*

It’s been quite a while that we’ve had a chat on this page about serious things. And today, I am here to talk about something I love, something that I’m very passionate about, something that I look for everywhere I go, and that is …. *buildup music* Chocolate covered strawberries!!

You guys, I am not even kidding, I love them with a passion. I seek them out wherever I go. To me, they are a symbol of love, romance, passion and everything beautiful in this world!

Now that I’ve shown you all today’s share of my drama, let’s get to today’s actual topic!

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15 min Quick Spicy Pasta

A busy Wednesday at work, full of meetings and deadlines. I had been out for dinner the previous night and had nothing prepared to bring to lunch. And, I did not get any time to drive to the closest restaurant to pick up something.

The office building has a cafe with a limited hot sandwiches and specials where I managed to drop by just 5 minutes before closing time. They could not prepare any hot meals by then as they had shut down all their kitchen equipment. But they did not want me to leave hungry so found the last of some cold macaroni salad…. Continue reading

5 Snack Ideas for Clean Eating.

Snacking is something we often don’t plan for when we think about meal prepping. And snacks are where we involuntarily consume a lot of calories and unnecessary food. I always get hungry mid-day around 3-4pm and I want to grab anything and everything in my line of sight, this could be chips or cookies or candy.

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Hummus Love | Recipe

I first had Hummus at a Mediterranean restaurant, Acropolis I think. I found it really creamy and delicious. I happen to have a soft spot in my heart for dips, spreads, chutneys and the like. This was a unique new addition to my list.  I then went on to try the local grocery-store version of it and since then, I have had a tub of it in my fridge at all times!

I have had moments where no hummus in my fridge made me panic that everything was not right in the world! *drama queen*

But well it is true. My love affair has been solid with Hummus, I have tried many variants of it like garlic hummus, pepper, pine nut, ‘pizza’, onions, olives, artichoke….

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REVIEW – Foodpanda.in online site.

I am a big big foodie! I absolutely love eating 😛 it also shows on my weight 😛 lol but I just can’t resist food!

When I saw this website – Foodpanda.in for the first time, the foodie in me was so excited 😛

Though I love love love eating out with friends and family, I also enjoy ordering food at home a lot!!!! Ordering in food looks like it was made for lazy people like me.


Foodpanda.in is a site for ordering food at home. They have the option of paying by card online or cash on delivery.

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Some shopping and a wonderful day :)

It’s my bestest friend’s birthday today and we (3 of us) had gone to Ambience and Promenade for lunch J

It was a wonderful day J happy birthday Komal J I love you :*

Some of the food  😛



By the way, this was one of the best pastas I’ve ever had ! it was from Gourmet pizza in Ambience, do try it J
And this is what I bought ! J

These cute cute earrings from forever 21 … all 3 of us bought these J


And these amazing rings from my favourite store ever .. Accessorize. J

I would love to get such rings from my guy… Sigh!!!

And some makeup….

Colorbar concealer which I had been meaning to buy since forever.

And Inglot gel eyeliner no.83. I had no intention of buying this but just couldn’t resist when I swatched it, it’s such a lovely blue J

Have a great Sunday guys J

The China Kitchen.

Hello everyone J
Yesterday, I went to a party at The China Kitchen, Hyatt. It was a casual dinner by my Dad’s friend. Chinese food is one of my most favourite but this was my first time trying authentic Chinese cuisine. And well, I won’t say I loved it. I would say that our very own Punjabi-Chinese food is better or rather one definitely needs to build up their taste for authentic Chinese.
We had quite a lot of food, tried a lotttt of dishes!
I liked the chicken soup, lamb in the appetizers and the kung pao chicken the best. J
And then the desserts ,….. they were heavenly! Chocolate fondue, brownies, all types of fruits, chocolate mousse… J loved them all !:)
Sadly, I couldn’t click pictures of anything including myself!
I had used these products.
Colorbar black liquid eyeliner. I tried a little winged kindof eyeliner. Its not too visible in the pic, is it?
Maybelline hyper curl mascara. I’m in love with this these days J
Maybelline clear glow compact.
That’s my top itself in the background.. hehe
And my watch and my favourite Accessorize butterfly bracelet J
Have a great weekend everyone J

My Sunday :)

My Sunday J

Hello everyone J

I had a great Sunday, completely relaxed. I spent it with family, at home and did everything I like. 😛

Some pictures from today ….
my very own “spinach and corn pasta in white sauce” 🙂
please ignore the water on the plate… i was over excited to click pics 😛


Finished reading Sidney Sheldon’s Windmills of the Gods.

Extremely thrilling novel J

Painted my toenails J

I don’t like my toenails at alllll *sob sob*

i clicked so many pics but couldnt quite capture
the gorgeous shade of colorbar exclusive #15.


Now have to go back to studying for GRE … since I didn’t study most of the day… gotta study at night J



How did you spend your Sunday ??

Do share in the comments below J