First Look: Benefit How to look the best at everything.

Hello everyone! How’re we all today? It’s a beautiful day, no? well, it is for me as it’s my birthday 😛 lol By the way, did you know that the Google doodle says happy birthday to you on your birthday? I didn’t know and I got freaked out last night when I saw cakes andContinue reading “First Look: Benefit How to look the best at everything.”

Wishlist of a desperate shopaholic.

I am exercising super self-control these days. I am not giving in to random impulsive purchases and buying only stuff which I know I’ll use for sure. Hence, my wishlist is increasing day by day and I have also not posted a wishlist here for so long so posting one now!

QUICK REVIEW: bareMinerals Makeup Kit.

Hello everyone 🙂 I would like all of you to welcome my friend Makshita to BeautyfullJourney. She’s one of my closest friends from school and she is here writing a guest post today! 🙂 So here you go Makshita 🙂 Just sharing my experience with you all, thanks to my awesome friend. bareMinerals is aContinue reading “QUICK REVIEW: bareMinerals Makeup Kit.”

My tryst with foundation.

Hello everyone , This is a post filled with my rambling. Also, I need advice from you guys.So please bear with me, I won’t take too long. I have never used foundation in my life. All I use for some basic coverage is a compact/pressed powder. My face as it is doesn’t need too muchContinue reading “My tryst with foundation.”

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