My favourites – February 2013.


Another month gone! This 2013 is moving too fast, I tell you!

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Rant&Rave – Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Kiss.

Hello everyone:)

It’s been literally raining cats and dogs here in Delhi since last night! God how I hate rain! Ughh!!! But it’s got cool again and I like that since I loveeee winters 😀 so, I am sitting in my blanket with hot coffee! Aahh now that’s bliss 🙂

Anyway, I am talking about this perfume today which is my current favourite perfume!



I got a sample of this scent in my first Vellvete Box in September 2012. The fragrance is amazing 🙂

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Vellvette discount coupons for you all :)

Hey as you all know, I had ordered my September vellvette box here.. J
Along with that, I had received some discount coupons. I have already redeemed one of them. Since I do not wish to buy the rest of the products right now, and these coupons would get expired by the end of October, I thought I would share them with you. You can buy these products at Vellvette’s site  and enter the discount code and redeem the discount J
Enjoy J
Jesus Del Pozo Halloween kiss perfume
Coupon code: JDPHK to get INR 400/- off.
Clinique 7 day scrub cream
Coupon code: CLNQ9 to get INR 200/- off.
I’ve already used my TBS strawberry shower gel coupon and might be using the one for L’occitane’s shampoo.

My first Vellvette box!!!!!

Oh My God !! I’m so excited while writing this J not just because it’s my first box, but because I’m quite satisfied with my goodies J
One of these was actually on my wishlist since some time !! seriously !!
For those who aren’t aware of Vellvette or rather beauty boxes in general, this is a monthly subscription or you can also take it for 3/6/12 months. In this subscription you pay INR399 per month and you get a box with 3 sample size products of high end brands. You are required to fill a preference form for products and then your box is sent to you and one of the really good (or bad? ) aspects is that your products are a complete surprise for you until you open the box. J

I had placed my order on sept 29 and have received it today J via aramex.

So here are the pics… Enjoy J


The packaging is super girly. A black sturdy box with a pink ribbon.

On opening I found a letter addressed to me mentioning the products inside. When I first opened the box I did not read the letter because I wanted to see the products first before reading about them. Lol. Such an impatient girl I am.
Then they have also given me discount coupons if I wish to buy the full size products of these samples from their website J also, details about each product are enclosed.

L’Occitane shea butter shampoo

Firstly I would like to tell you that l’occitane is one brand, I’ve been dreaming to try. But I’ve always found it too expensive so now I can  J
The body shop strawberry shower gel
And this is something I seriously had on wish list… TBS strawberry shower gel. I had loved the fragrance last time I visited TBS.
Clinique 7 day scrub cream.

Jesus del pozo Halloween kiss 

This was a bonus product. The box is supposed to have 3 samples otherwise. This has a lovely fragrance 🙂

I would also like to mention that their customer service is excellent. I sent a message to on their website’s contact form ONLY because I was getting impatient waiting just after 2 days of placing my order and they promptly replied to me telling that the box on its way J
The only problem I have with my box is the lack of any makeup product but then I guess I should have mentioned that in my preferences. I had focused a lot on hair care since right now my hair are in a really bad condition 😦
I don’t know if they have an option to change preferences, but I really hope they do have it because I would love to get some makeup stuff too next time J
But overall I’m loving my box and would definitely try it again J
I’ll review these products soon J

You can order your box HERE.
Also, if anyone has any doubts if the box is actually worth it, I would like to tell them yes it’s definitely worth it!
I’m showing you the prices of the full size products.
Clinique 7 day scrub cream.
Full size – 100 ml for INR 1700/-
Sample size given in box – 30 ml
The body shop strawberry shower gel
Full size – 250 ml for INR 340/-
Sample size – 60 ml
L’Occitane shea butter shampoo
Full size – 250 ml for INR 1150/-
Sample size – 75 ml
Jesus del pozo Halloween kiss
Full size 100 ml for INR 3600/-
Sample size – 1.5 ml
You can now do your calculations J
I would definitely recommend this to everyone J you should definitely try it once and see for yourself if you want it again J