Kérastase’s launches 1st Advanced Scalp & Hair Concentrate

24 years of Stem Cell Research brings INITIALISTE; Kérastase’s 1st Advanced Scalp & Hair Concentrate

initialiste ouvert pipett copie

Kérastase introduces INITIALISTE, a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it healthier, stronger and more beautiful every day.

At the heart of INITIALISTE, the Regenerative Complex protects stem cell environment, thus improving the hair quality at its source. This exceptional formula, developed like a skin serum, contains powerful active ingredients which optimize the follicular regenerative capacity for beautiful hair that is stronger, shinier and fuller:

1. Mallus Domestica, native plant cells taken from a millenary known apple species are known for their ability to fight against ageing in human tissues and to optimize the environment of stem cells, thus maintaining their regenerating power.

2. Aqueous green tea leaf extract: Enriched with polyphenols to protect the stem cells’ environment from pollution, UV rays and oxidative stress.

3. Glucolipids (SP94) that acts on the external hair sheath, where the two stem cells’ reservoirs are. The lipid component consolidates the structure of the follicle’s external sheath. The “Gluco” component is an energy reserve that enhances the cell metabolism and enables the growth of healthy hair. The hair becomes stronger and more resistant to breakage.

4. Ceramides imitate the natural hair components, and strengthen the resistance and cohesion of the capillary fibre. Improves hair quality and texture.

With INITIALISTE Fundamental Concentrate, Kérastase has created a new universal beauty Ritual for both in-salon use and at home, to keep hair beautiful for a long time.

How to use the product in four easy steps

Step 1– Bathe – Use a shampoo that suits your hair type.

Step 2 – Treat – Wash off the shampoo and apply a conditioner/masque to lock in the natural oils of the scalp.

The new 3rd Step  – ‘Regenerate’ – The INITIALISTE serum completes the process by adding a new step i.e. “Regenerate” to the regime, for stimulating the growth of radiant healthy hair. INITIALISTE is a leave-in product that is applied on towel-dried hair, directly on the scalp, just before styling. Take one to two pipettes, depending upon the thickness of the hair and gently massage with finger tips to spread the product evenly across the scalp.

Step 4 – Texturize –

Apply your regular styling product (as recommended)

to get lustrous beautiful hair.

Initialiste (60ml) will be available across all Kérastase Salons from August 2013 onwards. MRP: INR 4200

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Vellvette box review: November 2012

I finally got my vellvette box today !

In a way I am glad that I did not get the NYX shadow many people had got in their boxes.
Over all I like this month’s box but I liked the previous ones better. J
Enjoy the pictures J

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Random post :P

Hi guys J

I know I’m being really irregular on my blog these days, but life’s just too hectic these days L I’m going mad!
Well, it’s that time of the month again… the Vellvette box time guys !!!
But sadly I haven’t got my box till now L but I have a feeling I’ll get it in this week… I hope I do!
My friend had also ordered for it this month, on my recommendation J
She got her box today and she’s super happy with it J Till I get mine, I thought I’ll post a pic of her box J Here you go Shikha J
She’s got- Clinique airkiss and kissyfit lipgloss duo, Shiseido white lucent brightening protective emulsion and Kerastase biotic micro peel exfoliant cheveux gras.
Another thing I want to share with you guysJ
Seeing my love for eyeliners, my best friend’s sister who was returning from Canada, got me this ——-
It’s in the shade Eggplant !!! Remember my post on these here ? Can you imagine my happiness!!!!!!!!! Thank you very very much Shipra di J and Megha u too :*
And I’m so madly in love with purple eyeliners these days… *Sigh*
My current favourites being – Colorbar Prunella, MAC macroviolet and now the Maybelline Eggplant.
They look so good on my brown eyes *blushing* Hehe. Self-obsessed I am.
See you soon guys J have a great week ahead J
Lots of love,
Poorva :*