My Sweet On Paris Obsession!


I first got a whiff of “Sweet on Paris” at a friend’s place last year. I nagged my friend to show me what fragrance she uses and that’s when I met this gorgeous fragrance mist in the flavor Sweet On Paris by Bath & Body Works.

My bad luck that BBW had launched this fragrance as a Limited Edition collection and now it was no more in the stores! *sob sob* I was so heart broken!

I have a crazy OCD that Limited Edition products attract me a 100 times more than normal stuff and I get a strong urge to own them, the same had happened with me with MAC dark diversion but I still don’t own it  😦

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Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel Review.


I apologize to you all a lot for being absent for so long! I don’t know why I’m just having a lot of problems adjusting and managing my time and all my work here! I’m just in between a mess 😦

I did not buy a single thing the whole of October and most of September. Like seriously, not a single makeup or bath/body/hair product. Just a few clothes necessary for the harsh winters here that’s it! Can you believe it? I can’t 😮 but its true!

And now november being the Thanksgiving month and such such heavy sales everywhere I had to buy stuff and so I hauled a little. And to be honest, I’m feeling proud of myself for resisting for so long and the feeling of finally hauling was awesome. Plus, I have bought the stuff at AMAZING prices! I will do a haul post soon, once my last order of November is delivered next week! You’re gonna love the haul 😀

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Pictures, Swatches & First Impressions: Sleek Makeup Candy Collection – Limited Edition.


After a few hours when I got over the initial excitement of getting my Sleek order yesterday, I calmed down and started playing with the new stuff. 😛 and well, I mean literally ‘playing’. It actually took me quite a few hours to bring myself to stop looking at these goodies and touch them 😛

This post is not a review of the collection. C’mon how can anyone review something in a day? 😛

this post is quite picture heavy so, brace yourselves 😛

I’ll review these goodies for you once I’ve used them atleast 4-5 times properly and also share a few successful EOTDs.

By the way, I call them goodies again and again because they are soooo candy like and I feel like eating them 😛 especially the blushes!

I’m just sharing pictures and swatches of the products for you all.

Since the collection is limited edition and if you’re planning to buy it, you can get a better idea seeing the swatches.

Also, I’d like to tell you my first impression has been great! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and very very soft. The blushes are even better.

The collection can be bought online – here. Their site ships worldwide and even accept debit cards.

Sleek Makeup i-Candy i-Divine eyeshadow palette.

Price: $9.99 or INR600 approx.


The eyeshadow palette is not the most wearable palette out there. But still it’s lovely. And a lot can be done with it! All the shades are very pigmented. The palette has a mix of mattes and shimmery ones.

No, I haven’t dirtied my precious palette already; those fallouts are what I mentioned in my haul post. They were already there and are kindof stuck. 😦



I found Flump and Mint Cream to be the least pigmented. My favourite shades are Aniseed and Parma Violet.

Sleek Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush by 3 palette.

Price: $12.49 or INR 750 approx.  

I feel the blush palette is the star of the collection as the three shades are absolutely gorgeous. They have amazing pigmentation.


The 3 blushes are of different types. The cream blush(Cupcake) is the most pigmented of the three, then the shimmer one(Candy Floss) and then the lavender matte one(Dolly Mix).


My favourite of the three is Candy Floss. Infact since I saw pictures of the blush palette, I fell in love with the shade. It’s just beautiful!


I’m a little skeptical about Dolly mix, I’ve never worn a lavender-ish blush before. But well, experimenting is what makes makeup fun 😀




I guess you now have a fair idea of both the products. I highly recommend the blush palette! The eyeshadow palette I feel is more like a collector’s item but if you wear such shades often then it’s fantastic! And well, look at those amazing prices!