On My Nails ~ Minty Crackle.

Hey everyone! I love mints and I love Cadbury Crackle. It’s my all time favourite chocolate!! I would love to have a minty crackle – crackle with a mint flavor!! Yummm… !!! <3 But this post is not about the edible minty crackle! It’s about what’s on my nails at the moment! Besides food, IContinue reading “On My Nails ~ Minty Crackle.”

After exam HUGE haul :)

After exam HUGE haul J So finally I got over with my CAT yesterday and was so relieved and so I shopped a lot J I had been so envious of everyone around me doing their festive shopping, and now I did too J I didn’t like anything much in clothes and was also tooContinue reading “After exam HUGE haul :)”

Saturday NOTW: Maybelline Pastels

I generally keep the same nail paint on my nails for a week, unless I get bored with it before that or there’s some occasion that demands something in particular. So, I’ve decided that I would share my NOTW(nails of the week) with you every weekend. Lately I’ve been madly in love with pastels andContinue reading “Saturday NOTW: Maybelline Pastels”

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