My battle with dandruff.


I have suffered from dandruff ever since I can remember. Till a few years back, my scalp was relatively oily and I had the sticky kindof dandruff and for the last few years my scalp and hair have turned very dry and the dandruff also had become very flaky kinds.

Today I can say I am rid of dandruff to an extent. Since one month I can see almost negligible dandruff in my scalp and I have never been happier.

I do not claim to be an expert on curing dandruff (had I been an expert, I wouldn’t have struggled with it for so long), but here I am just sharing with you all my experience with various products I have used and a few tips from my experience.

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My tryst with kajal.

I love love love kajal. But kajal hates me L

No, I’m not talking about some girl named kajal here. I’m talking about kohl vala kajal (taking inspiration from ishq vala love haha 😛 ) i.e. the black eyeliner on the waterline. Most of us, Indian girls love kajal, don’t we?  Yet, I’ve been on this incredible hunt for the perfect kajal since like, forever L
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