Five Friday Favorites #6

Hey everyone! As you all know by now, I’m at my home in India right now for vacations. Ofcourse I haven’t got all my bath, body and makeup stuff. So the products I’ve been using are either ones I’ve bought here or the ones I had left at home or what I’ve got for myContinue reading “Five Friday Favorites #6”

Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Kiss Review, Pictures.

I remember reading Radhika’s review on this lip butter some time back and I was literally craving to try this 😛 and when I came to US, this was one of the first few things I bought 😛 and it turned out to be so much more awesome than I ever imagined it to be.Continue reading “Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Kiss Review, Pictures.”

Budget Makeup Starter Kit.

Hello everyone 🙂 Here we go with another long pending post from my drafts! These days all girls want to look their best and simple makeup just helps them achieve the right look. But not everyone can afford high-end makeup, and that shouldn’t discourage anyone as these days there is a plethora of good-quality optionsContinue reading “Budget Makeup Starter Kit.”

My favourites – February 2013.

Another month gone! This 2013 is moving too fast, I tell you!

My February haul.

I have been a good girl these 2 months and limited my expenditure on makeup. Yayy!!! I had not put a ban on myself but rather decided to make wise purchases such that I don’t waste money and only buy stuff that I’ll definitely use! And more or less, I have obeyed this decision well.Continue reading “My February haul.”

The China Kitchen.

Hello everyone J Yesterday, I went to a party at The China Kitchen, Hyatt. It was a casual dinner by my Dad’s friend. Chinese food is one of my most favourite but this was my first time trying authentic Chinese cuisine. And well, I won’t say I loved it. I would say that our veryContinue reading “The China Kitchen.”

REVIEW: Nivea visage oil regulating toner.

According to Nivea, Nivea Visage oil regulating toner containing skin’s own carnitine helps regulate sebum production while thoroughly clarifying the skin without drying it out. Mixed to oily skin needs special cleansing that keeps skin long lastingly shine free. RESULT: the skin is thoroughly clarified and mattified with a pure and hydrated feeling. BEAUTY ADVICE:Continue reading “REVIEW: Nivea visage oil regulating toner.”

REVIEW-Nivea fruity shine and vitamin shake lip balms.

Who said I can’t buy makeup during an eyeliner ban? If I can’t buy eyeliners, I can definitely hoard up lip balms :p And that’s what I’m doing! Lol I bought another (yes, another! ) Nivea lip balm over the weekend! Nivea vitamin shake lip balm – cranberry and raspberry. This one I’d really beenContinue reading “REVIEW-Nivea fruity shine and vitamin shake lip balms.”

Small haul ;)

I’ve been literally lusting after so many beauty and makeup products since a few months, especially after following a few wonderful beauty blogs religiously. And I’ve seriously made a hugeeee wish list based on reading these blogs (I won’t go into that wishlist because it’s really too huge by now…he he)But yeah I hauled some stuff today and IContinue reading “Small haul ;)”

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