Vellvette Box Review: July 2013.


I had a busy day today and when I came home I saw this parcel for me and was quite surprised to see my July Vellvette box so early. I hadn’t even seen anyone else getting it yet!

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QUICK REVIEW: Nyassa Vanilla Dry fruit luxury bar.


This post has been lying in my drafts since like forever and right now, somehow I’m not getting any desire to write new reviews(hence the previous random posts) so thought I’ll post all pending reviews and then my mind might start wanting to work on newer stuff 😀

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Nyassa launches fresh collection of handmade soaps


Nyassa, a premium, natural bath and body product brand has launched its collection of 28 new handmade soaps in a new, innovative packaging, to kiss all kinds of skin troubles goodbye. Giving attention to every detail, Nyassa has meticulously designed this wide, new range of natural handmade soaps to suit every season and skin type and for both men and women. All the soaps contain pure, wholesome ingredients and are as natural as one can get. The newly redefined packaging of these soaps provides all the information on the ingredients of the soap to the bountiful effects it will have on the skin. The exciting range of new soaps is attractively priced at Rs. 200 onwards and is now available in all outlets of Nyassa.


Nyassa believes in pampering the body using the most natural and best ingredients available. Treading this path, the new line of soaps includes delectable fragrances like Alphonso, Café Noir, Good Earth, Mandarin Citrus, Sacred Sandalwood, Southern Spice, Tropical Vetiver and Under the Ocean. Each of these soaps are specially created and are enriched with the goodness of cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, grape seed extract, aloevera extract, honey, glycerin and Vitamin E acetate, all of which help the skin to retain its softness and radiance. Besides these ingredients, all the soaps have two more unique ingredients defining the distinctive property for each soap.

Ishween Anand, founder & owner of Nyassa, passionately believes that nature is the only source to find what is best for our body. She says, “All Nyassa soaps are handmade with the divine fragrances from the heavens above and containing the essential goodness of nature. Our tagline which says, ‘From heaven and earth’ aptly conveys this spirit. Every soap has designed by us, with this belief strong in our hearts. We carefully select the most natural ingredients from all over the world to give our customers the best experience. When it comes to our passion for natural bath and body products, innovation scales new heights every time”.



The king of fruits cannot be left out when you say the words, summer and natural ingredients. To celebrate the season of mangoes, Nyassa has designed Alphonso, which is an ode to the fruit. The mango butter in the soap provides the much needed moisture to the skin and rejuvenates it. The mango leaf extracts have healing properties and are proven to be an excellent remedy for itching. The Glycolic acid in raw cane sugar is another form of conditioner and moisturizer for the skin proving to be a blessing for the dry, dull and rough summer skin.

cafe noir
cafe noir

Café Noir is a unique soap cut out for after workout or generally for summers. It contains activated charcoal, a natural antimicrobial that draws out the toxins and germs from the skin while gently exfoliating it. It also contains coffee extract, which is an antioxidant and known for it’s which has anti aging properties. This soap proves to be a life saver for clogged pores and cleanses the skin off all the pollutants.

Good Earth, designed exclusively for men, contains rhassoul clay, reddish brown in color, containing therapeutic properties. The use of this clay as a soap, a scrub, a skin conditioner and a face & body mask has been dated more than 1400 years back. Rhassoul clay helps improve the texture of the skin and makes it appear brighter. Good Earth also contains tea tree oil which has special anti microbial properties. The tea tree oil keeps the skin germ free, rids the skin off any pimple causing bacteria and also revitalizes it proving to be every penny’s worth.

Everybody needs sprits of freshness during these humid months. Giving a perfect balance of orange peel and lemon peel, Mandarin Citrus does complete justice to the promises it makes. It contains orange peel extract which has excellent skin tightening qualities, removes dead and worn out skin and tightens the pores making your skin look youthful. It also contains lemon peel extract which has anti ageing and anti wrinkle properties, which maintain the youthfulness of the skin preventing it from any kind of damage. Mandarin Citrus is a truly revitalizing, rejuvenating and refreshing soap which leaves the skin looking fresh and young.

The Indianness of Nyassa can be starkly seen through its Sacred Sandalwood soap. It contains chamomile bud extract been a part of an Indian household for its various antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It keeps the skin free of any disease causing germs. The calendula infused, sweet almond oil relieves skin irritation and provides Vitamin A and E, leaving the skin healthy and glowing and feeling clean and germ free.

Southern Spice, a unique addition to the family, contains cardamom oil, which has anti bacterial properties. Cardamom essential oil fights a hoard of skin infections and retains the freshness in the skin. The rose petal extracts in the soap, moisturizes and tones the skin, leaving the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Rose petal extracts are also used as a soothing agent for sensitive or extra sensitive skin. Southern Spice gives the user medicinal as well as beauty benefits.

From the tropical forest bounty of India, Nyassa brings to you, Tropical Vetiver which has a lot of qualities in its bag. Not only does it tone the skin, making it tight and firm, it also provides a relief from acne problems. From the Deccan plateau comes the multi faceted fruit, Kokum. The kokum butter used in the soap prevents the skin from going dry and moisturizes it leaving it soft and supple.

About Nyassa:

Nyassa is a premium manufacturer of natural bath and body products. The origin of the word Nyassa lies in Sanskrit and means healing through touch by chanting tantras and mantras, the result a divine body. The soaps and body products are made only from the most natural materials, colours and fragrances. Nyassa is one of the few manufacturers whose products are truly 100% vegetarian.


P.S. information sent by brand PR.

Vellvette box review – March 2013.


Hello everyone 🙂

I know I’ve not been regular since some time, I was just lacking inspiration to post anything, if that makes any sense!

So, I’m back with the March Vellvette Box. I know I know, it’s April now but I just got my box today!

I had seen many other March boxes that fellow bloggers’ had got, and it was the first time that I wasn’t excited at all to receive mine. I say this because the stuff everyone was getting didn’t appeal to me at all! When Vellvette started their sampling program, they had such an amazing selection of products with L’occitane, Crabtree & Evelyn, FE, Clinique, BBW, VS, Clarins etc. The brands they’ve got this time(Remy Laure, Meiji) are so unknown to me that they don’t look like luxury products even if they may be! Plus the similarity of products in all boxes is another thing I dislike. At first it seemed okay when they had similar products in the Feb box as they wanted to keep up with the theme, but now it’s irritating. There are other subscriptions too getting popular nowadays like Enchantess which have improved their quality so much but I never subscribed to them as I used to think that Vellvette is the best and it’s quality would never degrade but now I’m thinking maybe I just said that too soon! I still have April’s box before I subscribe again so I have another chance for Vellvette to woo me all over again! Don’t break my trust guys, I love you a lot!!!

Another thing I am really disappointed with is how late they deliver the boxes now! I clearly remember in October I had got the box on 20th, so why is the delivery getting so late since the past few months! In January they had some confusion with my box n it was delivered to me on 2nd Feb and now I got a call from them on 1st April saying that I will get my box this week and I have to pay 1199… helloo!! I’ve already paid for 3 months in Feb! Again some confusion!

I’ve been one of their first customers and have been subscribing since September(their first month) without fail. I’ve also got 5 of my friends subscribe to Vellvette. I wrote quite a bashing mail to the Vellvette team on 30th March when I still hadn’t received my box, and I got a reply from Kaushik from the Vellvette team saying that they have been facing a lot of problems with the Delhi orders and are now starting an office in Delhi and from April, all problems would be resolved! They also mentioned that I’m one of their earliest customers which I was assuming they didn’t acknowledge but now I’m happy and really hope they get back to their former glory super soon 🙂

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REVIEW: Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub.


According to Nyassa,

Don’t gain the calories but indulge in our range of finest Belgian Chocolate skin care products that are super rich in anti-oxidants. Nyassa’s Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub will leave your skin perfectly soft, smooth and radiant. Made from Belgian chocolate, Jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter, our scrubs not only have a gentle exfoliating action but also leave the body moisturised and youthful. Simply a must for that ever-lasting glow.


Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, stearic acid, sugar, B.H.T., Tween-20, fragrance oil and chocolate.

Price: INR 950 for 200gm.

Available at

My experience:

I have received this body scrub in my January Vellvette box. I mentioned in my post here that I really wanted this scrub when I saw so many people getting this scrub. The main reasons for wanting this scrub were – firstly I have never tried a chocolate scented bath product! And secondly, I wanted the cute tin box it came in 😛

The scrub retails for Rs.950/- for 200gm which I think is quite high a price for a scrub. But maybe it’s worth the price? Let’s find out!

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