OS Update – Do you love Accessorize? Now shop for it online!

Hey everyone!


I’m back with the latest OS update! I love online-window-shopping and love finding new stuff and hence I’m able to bring you such posts! Hope you like them 🙂

I’m a huge huge fan of Accessorize! I can never pass by the store without going inside. Aren’t their stores exceptionally pretty? Aahh I love Accessorize ❤

So, are you an Accessorize loyalist too? Or maybe an Accessorize virgin who doesn’t have a store nearby? Well, then head to Myntra.com!


Yes, they have stocked in a lot of Accessorize jewellery, bags etc!

They even have the ‘girls’ collection, which is for kids and the normal collection with all the gorgeous jewellery! They also have the bags and the hair accessories.

So here’s the link and now you can all head over and start shopping 😀



I usually only shop at Accessorize during their sales as they have 70% on a lot of stuff. But this time I bought nothing in the sale, lot of the stuff I already had or didn’t like L and so, when I came across this at Myntra, I hurried to place my order with them 😛 will show you pics when I get them! I generally post such pics on facebook/twitter/instagram so do follow me there 🙂

By the way, I have quite a good sized collection of Accessorize stuff. Do you want me to show you all of it in a post?

P.S. I’m not being paid or asked to write this post by any brand. Just writing what I came across.

First Look: L’oreal Paris True Match BB Cream.

Hey everyone 🙂

I have always been a girl who loves her eye makeup the most! I have had a very very long affair with eyeliners and still do love them a lot but of late I’m in a major major face makeup mode! Initially I was literally hoarding on powders, now that the powder craze has mellowed down, I’m into TMs/BB creams. I basically want the perfect daily wear light base makeup option!

In my opinion, most of the BB/CC creams that are sold around us are basically just Tinted Moisturizers being called BB/CC to cash in on the hype. I’ve not yet had the chance to try a true Korean BB cream, I really want to try one for the sake of it! But till then, I am trying every other option I can get my hands on!! 😀


The latest one I’ve got is the L’Oreal Paris True Match Skin Idealizing BB cream. Phew! Long name!

I spotted it randomly on Purplle.com and just had to get it immediately 😛

It comes in 3 shades, I chose the shade Neutral but Neutral is nowhere mentioned on the tube or outer carton so I was kindof in a doubt whether it’s what I ordered. The carton mentions “G2 Gold”. At first, I thought I’ll ask Purplle to change it but since this one matches my complexion to the T, I don’t have any problems with it!

It retails for Rs.550 for 30ml.

I have only used this 3 times as of now and will review it for you all properly soon 🙂 It’s a water based light cream. It keeps my face moisturized but doesn’t make it oily.

It gives a fairly natural look which is not too matte nor too dewy. But for my oily face, it does need powder or it would become too shiny.

Its first impression on me is very good! And I’m loving it J more so as it’s a perfect match for my complexion. “True Match” as they call it 😀

Have you tried this one? Do share your comments below 🙂

OS Update – Latest Lakme products: online availability.


Hey everyone 🙂

You all must be aware that Lakme has just launched the first CC cream in the Indian market.

I’m very interested in trying it and so, I had been searching for it online.

Just now, I spotted it on Violetbag.com and thought I’ll share it with you all so you can buy if you want to 🙂

It’s available on Violetbag.com at Rs.250 and in 2 shades – Bronze and Beige.


While surfing the site, I also came across something which I didn’t know even existed in the market.


Lakme clean up range in Green Tea Flavour. I have used the Lakme Clean up strawberry scrub and lovveeed it and when I saw the Green Tea variant I got very excited, I’m definitely going to try it as soon as possible!!!! I had no idea Lakme has come up with a green tea range as well!


Violetbag has also stocked up on the latest Lakme Absolute glosses priced at 700 bucks and the new nail paints at Rs.400.

So, well Violetbag has got all the new Lakme stuff 🙂

I added the CC cream, green tea scrub and mask to my cart and then found out they don’t offer COD so dropped the order! Feeling sad 😦 I wish other sites stock them up too quickly! I’ll also check out stores this weekend for the green tea range especially!

 P.S. I’m not being paid or asked to write this post by any brand. Just writing what I came across. 

Do let me know if you spot these products anywhere else? 

My first Sleek Makeup Haul!


Heyyyyyy 🙂 I just can’t contain my happiness and excitement right now 😀

This is my first international shopping experience and it has been perfect 🙂

Right now I’m even scared to touch these goodies 😛

Okay one confession – I was literally lusting after Sleek eyeshadow palettes and their contour kit since a very long time. But I was hesitant in shopping with a card and also, my Dad didn’t allow me 😛

But the real trouble started the day I saw the Sleek candy collection. I almost went out of control then. I was dreaming about it day and night and finally convinced my Dad and myself to order it 😀

So knowing fully well that I would very rarely use such bright colours on my eyes, I finally placed my order on 14th June.


I ordered 1 I-candy eyeshadow palette, 1 Sweet Cheeks blush by 3 palette and 1 Face contour kit. My order amounted to $35.92 including shipping. Shipping was $4.95 via Royal Mail International.

I got an email on 17th June that my order has been dispatched.

Despite being assured by the very sweet Tshering, to be very honest, I had already assumed I won’t be getting my order anytime soon or it would be damaged or I would have to pay heavy customs or it would never arrive 😛 but but but, it came today morning. 10 days after I placed my order. Very fast and totally safe:)


My order came in an outer package (shown in the first picture) lined with bubble wrap. Inside the products were safely wrapped in bubble wrap.

There was a very small amount of fallout of the eyeshadows but nothing bothersome and no harm to anything else.

You can’t even imagine my excitement 😀 my Monday had never been so happy 🙂

So, here a few pictures for you all to drool over 😛

Oh my! Just look at them!!!!






I’ll be sharing swatches with you all super soon 🙂

Take care!

Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.

Hey everyone 🙂

How’s the week going?

Of late, I’ve become such a ‘store-shopper’ and I hardly shop online and this when I was a hard core impulsive online shopper a few months back. I guess the reason might be how sites have now decreased the discounts they give. 😦 it’s really disappointing!

I love finding online deals with great discounts and recently I came across this site CupoNation, they have a lot of great beauty coupons, you can find them here. Do check it out 🙂

But hey, that’s not what today’s post is about… so let’s move on!

As long as I can remember I’ve always had some ingrown hair on the back of arms, near my underarms and near my elbows. I almost accepted them as a permanent thing on my body. I used to read and hear that regular scrubbing/exfoliating can remove these but I never believed and never bothered about it.

Well, today I have almost negligible ingrown hair. Thanks to TBS body scrub. Oh no no this isn’t the “Main pehle bhot hataash tha” kinda thing. LOL. I’m being perfectly honest here.

I have been using this scrub regularly for over a month now. By regularly I mean 2-3 times a week.

Before this scrub, all I had ever used for exfoliation were very mild scrubs or exfoliating liquid body washes which never made any significant difference to my skin other than making it a little smooth and soft. I guess all this time, I just needed a strong scrub like this one. The Body Shop olive scrub actually does the scrubbing part very seriously. I’m almost tempted to try this on my face to get rid of a few stubborn blackheads but then my skin is too sensitive so I won’t 😦

Just last week I noticed the absence of the ingrown hair on my arms and this is the only product that could have done it.

You can read the full review here.


I’ve been raving about this scrub to everyone I know 😛 I’m basically completely in love with this body scrub and this tub is almost over. But please note, my sister also uses it and so, one person can’t really finish up this huge tub in 1 month alone!!

I will definitely be repurchasing this in Olive or some other flavour!

What’s your favourite bath product these days?

OS Update – Some new launches in Lakme, Maybelline, Faces.


Hey everyone 🙂

I’ve been MIA since a few days and will be missing more this coming month as I have my final exams!

Exams are the time when I shop online the most 😛 c’mon there are so many new products and I can’t go to shop na 😦

So, well here are a few products that have been launched recently and are available on Medplus beauty already!

P.S. I’m not being paid to write about them by any site or brand, just spotted these there and decided to share them with you, in case you wish to try them and can’t find them in stores or just are too busy to look for them 😛

Here is the Lakme poptint collection –

Nail tints.


Lip tints.


These are also available at Nykaa.com


Maybelline Colorsensational high Shine lip glosses

Such pretty shades in this collection, no? 🙂


The whole of Faces ultimate pro range is available, the matte lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara!

Faces Ultimate Pro nail lacquer –  they’re even on discount!


Happy shopping 🙂

OS Update #1 – An intro!


Hello everyone 🙂

How’s the weekend going? Mine has started off very lazily 😛

I had my college farewell this Thursday and before that there was so much to do –  saree, makeup preps etc. And now suddenly I’m feeling so free 😛 and also a bit sad, 4 years of college are actually over now 😦

But well that’s life and life has to keep moving!

I know I know I’ve been very lazy even in posting here, since yesterday there has been an overdose of PR posts as you all saw, Sigh!

But worry not, I’m back with amazing posts now:P

I’m starting this new section for you all from today – OS Update! Oh no, it’s not an update about any OS(operating system:P). But in this section, I’ll actually update you all about Online Shopping. These days we all are so lazy plus everything is available at one click, we prefer online shopping many times. Frankly speaking, I am a BIG online shopping freak. In this week itself I have placed two orders. I just can’t resist myself when such beauty-full things are only a click away 😛 Plus these days online sites get new launches faster than stores. So I hope this new section can help you all. I’ll update you all about new online shopping sites, where can you find the newly launched products, where can you find the best bargains and so on.

Last week when I wrote this post about hair masks, I got this idea and that post should have been the first OS update, but starting now, hope you all like the idea:)

Also, I’m going to be writing about all this with my own will and I’m not being paid or asked to write about any particular site unless I specify that in the post.

So, this first OS update I’m sharing with you all today is on Soap & Glory products. We all have been craving about Sephora and all the goodies available there which aren’t available elsewhere. Soap & Glory is one such brand which is there only in Sephora, Delhi till now and it has one amazing collection of products 😀

But medplusbeauty has got a few of S&G stuff on their site now.



I would like to mention that some of these stuff I’ve not even spotted in Sephora so it’s great that they are available here, like the hair conditioner and the eyeliner. I think I would love to try the conditioner. If you ask me to recommend you one S&G product from my own experience, I would without doubt say, the Flake Away body scrub. It’s simply amazing. Ready my review for it here.

You can read my experiences with Soap & Glory products here.

I had written and completed this post early morning today but posting it now because the stupid header for the post took soooo much time! I was just not getting good ideas to make a good header! Finally felt a little satisfied with this, how’s it? 😀

Have a happy weekend guys 🙂

JossBox – Luxury beauty site in India.


This site is a very interesting and new concept and I quite liked it. Sharing details with you all 🙂


Jossbox is a luxury beauty site. Currently the brands available here are Babor, Dermalogica, Pangea Organics, Phytomer, Thalgo. Besides regular online shopping,

Jossbox has a unique feature where you can use The Finder to look for products that are perfectly suited to you. You need to fill in all details about yourself and voila… you’ll have a list of products waiting for you 😀

Creating my profile –



Products for me –


There is also The Insider which has a lot of articles on beauty and fashion.


Another thing I’d like to point out is that the site is very user friendly and the layout is very simple to understand.

More about Jossbox :-

Jossbox was created to provide a better beauty buying experience through personalisation.

Founded in 2013, we are the ultimate destination for all things beauty and your one stop shop for the best in luxury haircare, body care, makeup, skincare and men’s grooming.

Jossbox was created with the aim to take the guesswork out of beauty buying. Our patented Finder rates every product on a minute scale and finds the ones that best suit your specific needs that you can shop from right within the store. It’s like having a personal session with your own beauty expert. We also aim to keep our readers abreast with the best in beauty with features, trend reports and profiles on key personalities from within the worlds of fashion and beauty with The Insider. With expertly curated content, a personalised product finder and an extensive, constantly expanding store, we are dedicated to providing you with the best beauty experience possible. Jossbox is for beauty.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and create your profile and see what products you should use 🙂

Have fun 🙂