57 real thoughts I had on my Wedding Day

A girl has a million thoughts running through her mind on her wedding day. I tried to share some honest ones from my mind with you all… 1. Is this a dream!!! 2. How will I look as a bride! 3. I’ll live with him forever! Yay 4. Wow, I’m gonna be an actual bride! 5.Continue reading “57 real thoughts I had on my Wedding Day”

2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes

Did we just finish another year??!!!!! How is time flying soon fast ah!! I know it sounds just so cliched but I swear I remember 1st Jan 2017 so vividly(was it not yesterday!!!), we partied, we prayed at a temple, we were hopeful of having a lovely year despite a not so lovely 2016. AndContinue reading “2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes”

Confidence – my key to freedom |  Happy 2017 !! 

I’ve always read so much about how you should love yourself first and be confident in yourself blah blah blah. I’m sure we all come across such articles a lot. Till some time back I never really realized how much this fact is affecting my life that I , to be very frank, do notContinue reading “Confidence – my key to freedom |  Happy 2017 !! “

My love for Journals

Hey everyone! I’ve got quite a different post for you all today. I am a huge stationery fan/addict/junkie whatever you might like to call it. The amount of stationery I have is much much more than I or most people ‘need’. But every time I see something cute I just can’t stop myself from buyingContinue reading “My love for Journals”

BeautyfullJourney turned ‘2’!!

    Hey everyone!!!!! I cant believe its been 2 years of blogging already! BeautyfullJourney just turned 2 years old on 23rd june 😀 yayyyy 🙂 I couldn’t celebrate on 23rd as I was on vacation. I went to Singapore and Bali with family, it was actually for a family friend’s birthday party and weContinue reading “BeautyfullJourney turned ‘2’!!”

Welcoming 2014 with some promises to myself!

2013 was a life changing year for me! From being a spoilt pampered girl who has lived in the shelter of her parents all 21 years of her life, I moved so so far from home, to study and learn to become independent in a city so beautiful but a complete stranger to me, Chicago.

My Seven Deadly Beauty Sins

This tag has been going around some blogs of late and I soooo wanted to do this but No, I wasn’t tagged by anyone for this post *sob sob*. But still I’m doing this, shameless person that I am 😛    1. GREED: What is your most expensive beauty item? MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural forContinue reading “My Seven Deadly Beauty Sins”

Valentine’s Day….

I am a very very romantic kindof a person. I love those clichéd things like gifting flowers, chocolates, romantic strolls, candle lit dinners. Despite all this, I don’t really believe in Valentine’s day, why do we need one day to shower love over our loved ones? And plus, this day is so highly overrated inContinue reading “Valentine’s Day….”

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