Rant & Rave ~ The Body Shop Lychee Shimmer lip balm.

I am extremelyyyy fond of lychees! I love eating fresh lychees as well as drinking those packaged lychee juices. When I was in college in Delhi, and whenever I had to choose some packaged drink to have in summers especially in metro stations, I always chose lychee juice by this particular brand called Fresca. IContinue reading “Rant & Rave ~ The Body Shop Lychee Shimmer lip balm.”

Rant & Rave ~ Innisfree Strawberry Yogurt Capsule Recipe Mask.

Hello everyone! I bought this Innisfree capsule mask from their store that I showed you here.  It costs Rs.100 for 10ml.

Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.

Hey everyone 🙂 How’s the week going? Of late, I’ve become such a ‘store-shopper’ and I hardly shop online and this when I was a hard core impulsive online shopper a few months back. I guess the reason might be how sites have now decreased the discounts they give. 🙁 it’s really disappointing! I loveContinue reading “Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.”

Rant&Rave – The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.

Hello everyone 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing Holi 🙂 I am raving about this cleanser today which is my current favourite! I bought this as a part of the Vitamin E skin care starter kit that I have already reviewed here. When I reviewed this cleanser I wasn’t much impressed by it asContinue reading “Rant&Rave – The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.”

Rant&Rave – Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Kiss.

Hello everyone:) It’s been literally raining cats and dogs here in Delhi since last night! God how I hate rain! Ughh!!! But it’s got cool again and I like that since I loveeee winters 😀 so, I am sitting in my blanket with hot coffee! Aahh now that’s bliss 🙂 Anyway, I am talking aboutContinue reading “Rant&Rave – Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Kiss.”

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