5 Snack Ideas for Clean Eating.

Snacking is something we often don’t plan for when we think about meal prepping. And snacks are where we involuntarily consume a lot of calories and unnecessary food. I always get hungry mid-day around 3-4pm and I want to grab anything and everything in my line of sight, this could be chips or cookies or candy.

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Hummus Love | Recipe

I first had Hummus at a Mediterranean restaurant, Acropolis I think. I found it really creamy and delicious. I happen to have a soft spot in my heart for dips, spreads, chutneys and the like. This was a unique new addition to my list.ย  I then went on to try the local grocery-store version of it and since then, I have had a tub of it in my fridge at all times!

I have had moments where no hummus in my fridge made me panic that everything was not right in the world! *drama queen*

But well it is true. My love affair has been solid with Hummus, I have tried many variants of it like garlic hummus, pepper, pine nut, ‘pizza’, onions, olives, artichoke….

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My favourite healthy dinner recipe :)

Hello everyone J
For some background information, I love cooking but I am too lazy ๐Ÿ˜› so, I do not know many things but whatever I do know I cook quite well. ๐Ÿ˜› heheโ€ฆ modest me ๐Ÿ˜›
This salad is one of the earliest things I made, though it doesnโ€™t really require any cooking( itโ€™s a salad, du-uh!).
Its basically a macaroni salad with curd dressing.
I love making it for dinner. Its healthy, very easy to make and tastes yumm J
I must add that its also quite filling.
I am sharing the recipe with you all so do try it guysJ

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