I got oxblood boots! :)

Hello everyone! I am sure you’ve all understood what I’m writing about from the title. I was in Sarojini Nagar market today, and saw Sale written outside Stelatoes and decided to check it out. Well, nothing from the sale was good enough but these boots from the fresh section caught my eye. And I don’tContinue reading “I got oxblood boots! :)”

REVIEW: Shopnineteen.com – online shopping site.

Shopnineteen.com I had made an account on this site quite some time back. I really really love their collection. They have their own in-house designers. They have a very good range of tops, dresses, denims, leggings, bags, jewellery, accessories, shoes… another thing I really like is that their collection is not stagnant. They add newContinue reading “REVIEW: Shopnineteen.com – online shopping site.”

Accessorize shopping :)

My friend and I had gone to Moments mall in Kirti Nagar. It’s there on the way from my college to home. We were just roaming around in this multi brand store, Kapsons. It has an accessorize counter too. And as always I was headed towards it because I love love love accessorize! I canContinue reading “Accessorize shopping :)”

Online shopping.

Of course we all love online shopping, but not all are comfortable with online shopping.I am kind of new to online shopping. I say kind of because since I’ve started I’m hooked to online shopping. 😛The excitement of waiting for my order, the joy of opening the package can’t be compared to shopping in stores.Continue reading “Online shopping.”

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