My tryst with kajal.

I love love love kajal. But kajal hates me L No, I’m not talking about some girl named kajal here. I’m talking about kohl vala kajal (taking inspiration from ishq vala love haha 😛 ) i.e. the black eyeliner on the waterline. Most of us, Indian girls love kajal, don’t we?  Yet, I’ve been onContinue reading “My tryst with kajal.”

How i became a makeupholic

Like mostly all Indian girls, I started with kajal/kohl. 🙂 But I have a one-sided relationship with it. I absolutely love kajal and it hates me more than anything. It completely refuses to stay on my watery eyes for more than an hour. And I, with all my patience, keep trying newer products. I’ve probablyContinue reading “How i became a makeupholic”

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