Current wishlist | Tiny haul.

 I sooooooo badly want to buy a few things that are on my wishlist since quite some time! But I’ve done my share of shopping of late and other expenses aren’t allowing me to splurge at the moment! So these are just a few things I really really want to buy soon !!! Victoria’s SecretContinue reading “Current wishlist | Tiny haul.”

Wishlist of a desperate shopaholic.

I am exercising super self-control these days. I am not giving in to random impulsive purchases and buying only stuff which I know I’ll use for sure. Hence, my wishlist is increasing day by day and I have also not posted a wishlist here for so long so posting one now!

December wishlist.

I have my final sem exams from 20thDecember till 4th January. And practicals right now. So super busy these days. And hence not being regular on my blog L  Seeing everyone post their holiday wishlists, I decided to post mine too. I highly doubt I would be able to buy all these things, no timeContinue reading “December wishlist.”

My request to Maybelline!

Maybelline is my favourite makeup brand in the world. I’ve never had any bad experience with any of their products till now. All their products are at such reasonable prices and the quality is never ever compromised, it’s truly the best brandJ But I have a big big complaint. Maybelline discriminates against us big time!Continue reading “My request to Maybelline!”

Wishlist for 2013 !!

I know 2013 is still more than 3 months away, but if you all remember I can not buy any eyeliners till then L*sob sob* And so, I’ve created this eyeliner wishlist for 2013J 1)      Mac feline kohl I’ve been lusting after this since so long ! 2)Inglot liquid eyeliner. Some background info, recently I’veContinue reading “Wishlist for 2013 !!”

Revlon® ColorStay™ Crème Gel Eye Liner

Revlon® ColorStay™ Crème Gel Eye Liner     Although I love all types of eyeliners, I’m a little biased towards gel eyeliners. Currently, I own only 2 gel eyeliners – Maybelline swirl gel eyeliner – both the black and the brown ones. And I love them both. I really want blue or purple coloured gelContinue reading “Revlon® ColorStay™ Crème Gel Eye Liner”

Current wishlist.

I’m absolutely lusting after these products right now. I hope to try them out soon and give you guys reviews 🙂 1) nyx :-auto eyelinerjumbo eye pencilcandy glitter eyeliner 2) colorbar:- iglide eyeliner in sapphire, amethyst juicy candy lip gloss… but i think they have been discontinued 🙁 aren’t they so cute? 🙂 3) victoria’sContinue reading “Current wishlist.”

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