57 real thoughts I had on my Wedding Day

A girl has a million thoughts running through her mind on her wedding day. I tried to share some honest ones from my mind with you all…


1. Is this a dream!!!

2. How will I look as a bride!

3. I’ll live with him forever! Yay

4. Wow, I’m gonna be an actual bride!

5. Will my wedding be instagram-worthy?

6. I’m hungry.

7. How will I stay with my lenses till tomorrow with no breaks.

8. This won’t be my home anymore.

9. Will I look pretty?

10. I’ll kill him if the baraat is late.

11. I know papa will cry a lot.

12. I should have got a trial of the makeup.

13. Will I be able to bend to touch everyone’s feet in all the heavy stuff by the end.

14. Should I be eating so much, I’ll look fat.

15. At what point while getting ready can I take off the cover and see my chooda?

16. Will the heavy gold earrings fit in my piercing. Where’s the Neosprin?

17. I have hardly got any pictures with Ushi, mummy and papa. they’re just so busy with everything and don’t even have time to be with me.

18. Hope my inbox does not burst when I get back to work in 2 days.

19. I should drink more water to make my skin glow.

20. How did I get so lucky!!

21. What if I don’t get ready on time?

22. Wish our Paris visa hadn’t got rejected..Sigh

23. I should have got some facials done to get rid of these dark circles.

23. If I drink more water, I will need to pee..

24. Where is everyone?

25. What if I fall down while walking upto the stage..

26. I’ll kill the DJ if he messes up my entry song!

27. Will the haldi really make me glow!

28. When can I even sleep next?!!

29. I didn’t even prep my emergency kit properly. What if I missed something imp huh!

30. It’s not been as stressful as I expected. Am I doing something wrong?

31. My feet still hurt from the dancing last night what fun!

32. What would Sahil be doing right now?

33. I need to find more getting ready shots on instagram and Pinterest.

34. There will be actual pheras and sindoor. Woah what!!

35. I’m excited….

36. I’m so glad all my friends are here with me!

37. Is it weird to be thinking all these random thoughts on my wedding and nothing grown up.

38. Wow I’m going to be an actual grown up married woman!

39. I should have worked out more.

40. Can I get some of that chocolate cake.

41. Am I smiling too much…

42. How will I survive till tomorrow in this heavy outfit and jewelry and lenses. But well, I do look quite pretty

43. The dal makhni was so good at the tasting we did at the venue earlier, I should get to eat all the food at my own wedding.

44. Urvashi is just off posing for the cameras and not being a good sister of the bride.

45. Sahil is super duper late already. Ugh

46. I can’t wait to spend my life with him.

47. How I’ll miss everyone 😦

48. So technically our wedding is on the 22nd and not the 21st because it will already be post midnight when the actual ceremony begins. Hmm…

49. Can’t wait to sleep away for 12 hours after all this is over. Tomorrow I shall sleep yes!

50. I’ll be married and will have a husband. My very own husband WOW !

51. The decor is perfect just as I had imagined. We finally got the mandap I had dreamt of getting married in Aah.

52. He’s looking so handsome ❤


53. Is the bride allowed to dance on the DJ?

54. Many of the guests have already left, less people to smile at.

55. Its hard to eat with the nosepin on. But a girl gotta eat.

56. I can’t believe this is really happening..I’m taking 7 pheras like in the movies.


57. No tears please!! Stop crying stop crying stop crying!

And so I got married, and have been smiling ever since 🙂



Hot cocoa & cream

I love love love candles and have around 5-6 around my apartment at any given time. I explore a lot with different scents, but I never buy food or any gourmand kindof scents. I never even try them because I always find them too sweet or fake artificial kindof sugary sweet. But I tried this on a whim and oh my god I am absolutely in love with it. It might be the first candle I repurchase! It’s also perfect for winter time, it makes me feel so cozy and warm like a steaming mug of hot chocolate in my hand. Oh and did I mention the mug is topped with mini marshmallows and melted chocolate bits. Ah bliss!

2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes

Did we just finish another year??!!!!! How is time flying soon fast ah!!

I know it sounds just so cliched but I swear I remember 1st Jan 2017 so vividly(was it not yesterday!!!), we partied, we prayed at a temple, we were hopeful of having a lovely year despite a not so lovely 2016. And now, we are at 1st Jan 2018, like seriously what is going onnnn!!!!


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Hurricane Irma deciding my life?

I think I’ll buy that cute dress for the Quebec City trip I’m planning.

I think I’ll take a picture at that adorable cafe I pinned on Pinterest.

I think I’ll make that YouTube video I’ve been planning for ages.

I think I’ll ask out that cute guy I see everyday at the grocery store.

I think I’ll go home for this Diwali atleast.

I think I’ll give that certification exam that will boost my job skills. 

I think I think I think….but what do I DO? 

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There is a buzzing…

What is this buzzing?

I have a wonderful job, I live in a place where many dream to live, I travel to a new place every month.

I live a comfortable independent life, I laugh a lot, I eat out, I post beautiful pictures on my Instagram, every time you see me I’m with my friends and enjoying myself, I feel immensely grateful for it all and many people feel envy.  Continue reading

1st Birthday Giveaway!!! :) – CLOSED


Hello everyone  I know I haven’t been able to post all day even though its BeautyfullJourney’s birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all your love that made me reach this point today 🙂 I thank all my readers and I love you all!

This giveaway is just a small gesture to thank my lovely readers! 🙂

Let’s talk about the prize now 😛

The winner of this giveaway will be receiving 5 products–

1 The Body Shop Olive Body Butter.

1 Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick shade #22.

1 Colorbar iglide eyeliner shade Prunella.

1 Faces Go Chic lip gloss shade Raspberry.

1 OPI mini nail paint shade I’m not really a waitress!

I’ve bought all these products with my own money and all of them are brand new. The OPI nail paint – I received in a vellvette box a few months back and I assure you I’ve not used it even once. It’s brand new, the shade is lovely but just not a shade I would wear!

It’s a very assorted selection of products and there is a tiny reason behind why I chose each one 😛

Here are some rules and regulations for the giveaway –

1)     This giveaway is open for Indian residents only.

2)     There will be only one winner who will receive the above shown 5 products.

3)     The winner will be chosen by random.org.

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6)     Since a lot of you had a few problems with the Rafflecopter form last time, I have a simpler form for you all this time. I’m also explaining here about each entry.

7)     The giveaway is open till 21st July.

8)     I’ll announce the winner by 23rd July maximum and ship out the prize as soon as possible.

9)     The first 3 entries are compulsory. Rest all are optional. You can complete them for more entries. Each entry is worth 1 point. You can have minimum 3 points and maximum 10 points.

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Enjoy 🙂