On My Nails ~ Minty Crackle.

Hey everyone!

I love mints and I love Cadbury Crackle. It’s my all time favourite chocolate!! I would love to have a minty crackle – crackle with a mint flavor!! Yummm… !!! ❤


But this post is not about the edible minty crackle! It’s about what’s on my nails at the moment! Besides food, I also love mint and crackle in nail paints right now! I know I know you’d probably laugh at me, the crackle trend is almost gone now! But well, I don’t know why I never tried any crackle earlier! But now that I have, I am loving it! 😀

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Our first makeup swap! :)

Our first makeup swap! 🙂

Hey everyone! 🙂

It all started when Khaddu mentioned this casually that maybe we can do a makeup swap and well, we did it! 😀

We both were doing this for the first time and were very excited about it! Basically a makeup swap means two people send each other some surprise stuff within a set budget.

We first set a budget of Rs.2000 and then shared ‘hints’ with each other of what kindof products we want!

I basically wanted products from Indian brands like Lakme, Colorbar. I was having an overdose of Revlons and Maybellines! I also really like Bourjois, she does too 😉 And she mainly wanted Sephoraaa!! 😀

And we both got our wishes!

She’ll be sharing what I sent her soon and I’ll link that post here then 🙂

At first, we were quite scared because the parcel she sent me came back to her 😦 but then she sent it again and I have it with me nowww!!!! I’m so excited seriously!


As soon as I opened the package, there was a candy like scent coming from it! Aahh!! 😛 and also, the package had these cute little colourful bubbles all over. I mean thermocol balls, please excuse me, I’m extremely kiddish that way 😛

Then I started opening it all and here’s what came out! 😀 this post is almost like an unboxing post, as I’m sharing pics and my thoughts exactly as I opened this!

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REVIEW, SWATCHES,EOTD: Colorbar iglide eye pencil – Glowing Sapphire

Colorbar iglide eye pencil.


According to Colorbar,

Defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner. This effortlessly easy to use I-Glide Eye Pencil with its smooth formulation, gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. Lasts longer than 8 hours; does not feather or bleed.

Price: INR450 for 1.1g.

Available at all Colorbar outlets, stores and most online stores.

My experience:

Colorbar iglides are my favourite eyeliners 🙂 and this shade particularly is one of my all time favourite shades too. It’s not such a daily wear shade and is especially great for parties.

I hate how Colorbar keeps increasing their prices. I had bought all my 4 iglides in those golden days when these were priced below Rs.350! now, I definitely hesitate in buying another because these are no more in the more affordable bracket in the market. But still, believe me, once you try these, you wont feel like going to any other pencil!

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My first may haul :D

I mentioned about this haul in the previous post!

This haul wasn’t planned at all but I’m loving everything I bought yesterday 🙂

I was at DLF promenade with my sister and we wanted to buy something for our mom for Mother’s day and in turn bought stuff for ourselves too 😛


We got the Inglot slim gel lipstick in shade#58 for mom. It’s a gorgeous dark red shade, I’ll swatch it for you guys soon 🙂

I also for a freedom system concealer refill for myself. Its cost is Rs.250 but right now it’s on 30% discount.

Then I checked out the MAC Archie collection! I badly wanted the Kiss & don’t tell lipglass(Rs.1100) and imagine my luck when I found that shade is still in stock BUT I didn’t buy it! I just walked out of the store leaving the lipglass and the petrol blue liner, the most gorgeous two things ever! 😦 self-control its called!

To make myself feel better, I went to newU to check out lipglosses in other brands to see if I can find any similar to kiss& don’t tell. And I bought two lip glosses-

Colorbar Tru gloss in shade Radiant Pink. (Rs.495)

Lakme absolute lip gloss in shade Candy shine.(Rs.450)


I felt so good later that I bought 2 glosses with money less than one MAC gloss. 😀 Thank God I resisted myself at the MAC store.

I also got a newU nail paint(Rs.50) and the Palmolive thermal spa body wash(Rs.125), I’ve read so many people raving about this, I just had to try it.

And finally! Oh yes, I got the Forest Essentials lip balm(Rs.495). Because it’s got the most awesome packaging in the world! I won’t show you more pictures right now, wait for the review 😀


And let me tell you how the Forest Essentials people pack your shopping. They took a piece of butter paper, sprayed it with perfume, and wrapped this tiny lip balm box in that paper. Then put it in their FE paper bag and sprinkled flower petals in the bag. That bag smells so heavenly I can’t tell you 🙂 This was my first brush with the brand and I’m in love with Forest Essentials! Would definitely be going back for more stuff! 🙂


My favourites – April 2013.


Another month over! Phew! This was a fun month for me and also a month which has taken a few major decisions of my life. I’ll share them with you once they’re finalized 🙂

I am sorry for not being regular since some time, my laptop was giving me major trouble and it finally crashed on Friday 😦 All my data is in it so can’t post anything right now, thankfully I had already completed this post and it was in the drafts to be posted at the end of the month!

I had a lotttt of favourites this month, as you can see!

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REVIEW: Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover.


According to Colorbar,

Magic in a bottle!

Just dip and twist for spotlessy clean nails with the Colorbar Ultimate nail enamel remover.



Price: INR 295/- for 100ml.

Available at Colorbar counters and outlets and online stores.

My experience:

I was always quite fascinated with this nail paint remover, ever since it was launched but found it expensive. But then I used my brain and did some calculations. My usual Lakme nail paint remover comes for Rs.60/- for 27ml and this one is Rs.295/- for 100ml. I further got it on discount for Rs.280/-. So, basically per ml cost of Lakme is Rs.2.22 and Colorbar is Rs.2.95.

So, is there so much difference in the price, No, there’s not! Read on to know why Colorbar’s remover is still so special.

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My February haul.


I have been a good girl these 2 months and limited my expenditure on makeup. Yayy!!! I had not put a ban on myself but rather decided to make wise purchases such that I don’t waste money and only buy stuff that I’ll definitely use! And more or less, I have obeyed this decision well.

Earlier I was literally hoarding the same kindof stuff, read – eyeliners and kajals and felt super guilty – oh! Another new liner!! Now, I am trying new things other than eyeliners and have no guilt whatsoever. I have ventured into blushes just this year and loving them. Also, I am liking face makeup more than eye makeup – I am seriously in love with compacts 😀 I don’t use foundation or primer and recently I am exploring building coverage with powder and loving the results!

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REVIEW: Colorbar First Impressions Powder Brush.


According to Colorbar,

First Impressions

Calling all fashionistas to add some fun to every beauty job that needs to be done. Colorbar Accessories – on serious beauty-duty all day, so you can stay fabulous at work and play. Get, set, gorgeous!

Powder Brush

Meet the fluffy pouf with oomph! This plimp powder brush is a charmer that blends all kinds of powders to give you a camera-ready face every stroke,everyday. The soft,rounded bristles say no to powderiness or caking for a smooth, even finish.

How to use

Stroke the brush over powder and tap off the excess. Blend well using circular movements – start from the centre of your face and work outwards. Gently clean the brush by washing with mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave it to air-dry.

Price: INR 475/-

Available at Colorbar outlets and some online stores like Nykaa, Snapdeal.com

My experience:

When I got hold of these colorful brushes from Colorbar, it was like a dream come true! I had always dreamt of makeup brushes with coloured bristles. But all of the attractive brushes were made by international brands which weren’t too easily available in India. I was even considering buying the ones launched in the MAC holiday collection recently, but couldn’t get myself to spend so much 😦 And then Colorbar heard me and brought these beauties into my life! Aahh 😀

But does this brush also perform like a dream? Read on to know!

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