Five Friday Favorites #6


Hey everyone!

As you all know by now, I’m at my home in India right now for vacations. Ofcourse I haven’t got all my bath, body and makeup stuff.

So the products I’ve been using are either ones I’ve bought here or the ones I had left at home or what I’ve got for my sister from the US or the ones my sister bought when I wasn’t here. And my favorites too are from those products!

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Five Friday Favourites #3

Hey everyone!


Eid Mubaarak to all of you! 🙂 how are you celebrating Eid? We have very close family friends who are Muslim and throw a huge party for Eid everytime and sadly we couldn’t go this time and aahh.. I’m already missing the chicken biryani 😦

I know I’ve been very inactive of late and so sorry I haven’t been able to reply to all comments. I’ll be even more inactive next week onwards; I have a few posts timed for publishing in my drafts but I didn’t want to miss the Five Friday Favourites and here I am 😀


So, first up is The Body Shop Coconut Hair oil ~ my hair is going through a very bad phase; the rain is making it even frizzier and worse! 😦 this oil is giving my hair all the extra love it needs! Initially I had a lot of samples of this oil but I finally purchased the full bottle last week and I’m loving this oil much more than my normal hair oil!

Revlon lip butter in Sorbet ~ I really really love Revlon lip butters and this new shade is a gorgeous bright pink. It really makes my face look very bright and pretty! Love!

The Body Shop Vanilla body mist ~ I have always had a soft spot for all things vanilla and recently this mist has made a comeback in my favourite scents! I just wish it were travel friendly! Full review here.

MAC Technakohl Graphblack ~ I had this on my wishlist forever as I’d read amazing reviews for its good staying power on the waterline and I’m someone who’s always on the lookout for something that stays long on my waterline. Though my all time favourite for the waterline is the Lakme kohl ultimate but I’m loving this one at the moment!  

Lakme CC Cream ~ this gives a good natural semi-matte finish and reduces redness very well! I’m definitely enjoying using this a lot!

So, that’s it for this week!

I would love to know your favourites so do share them in the comments below! 🙂

See you! Have a great weekend! 

Me, My Nails and My Nail Paints.


Hello everyone 😀

I’m having a comfortable Monday at home, but still quite a busy one. What about you?

The title of this post might be a bit funny but I just wanted to share some rambling about my journey with nail paints.

I have not been a nail paint lover forever. In fact, I used to despise them when I was in school, I guess in 9-10th standard. I used to find them goopy and a pain to apply and remove. But somewhere down the line I didn’t realize when I fell in love with them. I have always been a fan of colours and all things colourful so nail paints can be called an easy way to indulge myself in colours. Initially in my early college days I used to hoard nail paints just too much. But only those local 15-50bucks nail paints. Mostly by Ebony, Nail Juice, Elle 18. I used to change my finger and toe nails almost twice a week and was in total love with the colourful nail paints.


Many of these have dried out and I need to throw them but well…I love them 😛

But slowly the craze mellowed down and I started experimenting with more brands and a little more expensive nail paints. Also, becoming a beauty blogger made me want to experiment as much as I could. So I started buying Maybelline, Revlon, Lotus, Colorbar, NYX etc etc.

These nail paints are just a few random ones from my collection.


I’m still a little of a miser when it comes to nail paints 😛 I won’t mind spending a 1000 odd bucks on an eyeliner from MAC but the same for a nail paint makes me shudder 😛

Till now, my most expensive nail paint is by NYX for Rs.297. 😛 yes, I know I still have a long way to go 😛

I feel that since I have to change them every week, why spend a fortune on them? And to be honest, its only once in a while I fall in love with a nail paint so much that I repeat it often.

If you ask me my favourites out of my collection, although it’s very difficult to choose, I’ll say these are my favourite 7 –


These are all those that I can wear forever 🙂 and yes I have an obsession with pink nail paints. 😛

Also, the Nail Juice one in the picture above is almost dried out and not usable but I still keep it because I love the shade and I’m looking for a new one for this but cant find it 😦 it’s a bright hot pink! 😀

I’m still too much of a novice at nail art so let’s not talk about that 😛

In the past 10-15 days, I have got these 7 new nail paints which I’m yet to use properly. Some are PR samples, rest I’ve bought. I’ve already showed you the Lotus ones here.


I’ll review all of these this month. So, which one do you want to see first? I have the L’Oreal one on my nails at the moment 😛

How much do you spend on nail paints?

My favourites – May 2013.


Another monthly favourites post!

This month was a very emotional month! My college farewell took place and it was the last month of college, its kindof hard to accept that college is over! Spent four memorable years here and made amazing friends!

Between all this and my final practicals, project presentation and the extreme heat in Delhi, I hardly used makeup this month and had absolutely no time to try new stuff!

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Helping readers – Kajal query.

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a question from a reader.

She asks,

Hi, im in need 4 a gud kajal. Any suggestions? Maybelline gel eyeliner is gud as kajal?

My suggestion – technically, gel or liquid eyeliners aren’t supposed to be used as kajal, unless they mention they are safe enough. And since, Maybelline gel eyeliner doesn’t mention this, its kindof hit and trial with it. Many of my friends use it with no trouble at all. But whenever I try to use it on my waterline as kajal, my eyes become red. My eyes are sensitive, I also wear contacts. So, if your eyes are sensitive, avoid it.

I prefer pencil form kajals only.

If you want budget friendly options, I will suggest – Maybelline colossal kajal(Rs.150) and lakme eyeconic kajal (Rs. 200) to you. Other options include – Faces eyeliner in Solid Black (Rs.249,I think the price has been increased to Rs.349). You can also check out L’oreal contour khol(Rs.350) which is my favourite.

If you can splurge, try Lakme kohl ultimate (Rs.650). It is amazing.

Read my post on my favourite kajals here.

Readers, you can all give your own suggestions to her. I hope you find your perfect kajal soon 🙂

P.S. Hope this post was helpful. Stay tuned for other readers’ comments. 🙂