1st Birthday Giveaway!!! :) – CLOSED

Hello everyone  I know I haven’t been able to post all day even though its BeautyfullJourney’s birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all your love that made me reach this point today 🙂 I thank all my readers and I love you all! This giveaway is just a small gesture to thank my lovely readers! 🙂 Let’s talkContinue reading “1st Birthday Giveaway!!! 🙂 – CLOSED”

The Nature’s Co Monsoon Giveaway! – CLOSED

The Nature’s Co Monsoon Giveaway! Hello everyone 🙂 I’m in the midst of my exams but relatively free today as my next exam is 10 days later 😛 Guess what, today Delhi saw such an amazing rain, cooling down the extremely heated atmosphere. There was also a storm but that’s another thing:P Although I don’tContinue reading “The Nature’s Co Monsoon Giveaway! – CLOSED”

My first lipstick(s) | I won another giveaway :D

Sheetal had this amazing giveaway on her blog going on. She announced the results on 20th Feb and I was really sooo surprised to see that I won it 🙂 It was the first giveaway I ever won 😛 And I am so happy 🙂 Thank youuuu Sheetal :* And here is my prize – MyContinue reading “My first lipstick(s) | I won another giveaway :D”

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