“Children’s Hair Problems” by Dr. Apoorva Shah

Now a days children face lot of hair problem due to their stressful life and hectic schedules. Here are some excellent tips on “Children’s Hair Problem” written by Dr. Apoorva Shah founder of Richfeel Trichology.

My ramblings | New launches on Purplle.com

Hello everyone 🙂 How’s the week going? My week started off with a haul, coming up in the next post 😀 I just got to know about the new launches on Purplle.com and  I was too excited to “not share” this with you 😀 P.S. I haven’t been asked by Purplle.com or being paid for thisContinue reading “My ramblings | New launches on Purplle.com”

My battle with dandruff.

I have suffered from dandruff ever since I can remember. Till a few years back, my scalp was relatively oily and I had the sticky kindof dandruff and for the last few years my scalp and hair have turned very dry and the dandruff also had become very flaky kinds. Today I can say IContinue reading “My battle with dandruff.”

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