Current wishlist | Tiny haul.

 I sooooooo badly want to buy a few things that are on my wishlist since quite some time! But I’ve done my share of shopping of late and other expenses aren’t allowing me to splurge at the moment!

So these are just a few things I really really want to buy soon !!!


Victoria’s Secret PINK collection, especially their body mists and lotions. I’ve tried the regular range at Victoria’s Secret and they have such a huge range that I’ve never come around to trying stuff by their range PINK. I really want to try their fragrances! They mostly have some offer of buy 3 for $30 going on and plus, their lotions are sold in these hugeee pump bottles of 500ml 😀 so, they’re not too expensive!

PicMonkey Collage1

Fossil Georgia rose gold watch – I saw it at Macys on thanksgiving and I really really wanted it but I had already bought one watch in the sale so I had to control myself. Even when I went to India, I saw this watch at Shoppers Stop and aahhhh I want itttttttt!!!!! There’s another version available with a mint green leather strap that looks lovely as well!

I guess these are the only major things on my list at the moment!

And now for my tinyyyy haul 😀

I’ve been thinking of trying some particular TBS products since a long time and TBS had lots of discounts currently so I ordered a few stuff!

I have their compact cream foundation version but I hardly use it as I don’t wear foundation and I really wanted to try this powder version so I bought this Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder. Guess how much I got this for? 😛

I bought it for $5!!!! Yes 😀 i.e.approx. Rs.300! 🙂


Then I bought the Seaweed starter kit, I really wanted to try this one as I’ve heard it’s really good! Will be using it properly in summers! After discount it came to approx. $12.

And I wanted to use the Banana range again as I have used it previously in india but couldn’t get it here. The conditioner was out of stock but I bought the shampoo. I got it for approx. $3.

To avail free shipping I bought these 2 trial packs – Vitamin C microdermabrasion and Seaweed iconic clay mask. For $1 each. Very excited to try the Vitamin c one 😀

So, that’s it! Just some essentials and random stuff coz they were all at such good prices 😀

I also bought black heels and mint green(love love) canvas shoes from Forever 21 last week


And my first lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Eeeee!!! And that’s also mint green and pink! Despite the season or fashion trends, mint green is just not leaving my mind!

P.S.sorry for the gloomy pictures 😦

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale haul.

Hey everyone!

I’m back in Chicago after a month long holiday which flew away so fast, honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to come back 😛 but have to go on and get back to the hectic life  😦

I just got back yesterday and picked up my haul package from my friend’s place today and here I am showing you all 😀

Here in the US, brands like BBW and VS have amazing clearance sales twice a year in which they clear off almost all products and make way for new launches!

These semi annual sales are so amazing and a great way to stock up stuff for the coming months.

I just casually noticed their Semi Annual Sale in December when I was in India and you all know how much I love bath and body products and I couldn’t resist these sales at all 😛 when I show you at what prices I have bought these stuff, you’ll definitely be quite envious 😛

I only shopped from BBW and BBW brings back products that they have discontinued earlier and sells them off in these sales!


My stuff came in 2 parts. No, don’t get hyper seeing the quantity 😛 I’m not going to keep all of this stuff for myself 😀

Read on to see what I got 😀

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Thanksgiving/November big haul!

Hey everyone!

I told you all last week that I’ll show you my November haul soon so here I am! I had not bought a single thing whole of September and October except few essentials for this weather and so I hauled quite a lot of stuff this month.

The sales here during thanksgiving are just huge! I’d heard about the sale season but never knew the extent of the discounts! And most brands start sales at the beginning of number itself!

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My first Sleek Makeup Haul!


Heyyyyyy 🙂 I just can’t contain my happiness and excitement right now 😀

This is my first international shopping experience and it has been perfect 🙂

Right now I’m even scared to touch these goodies 😛

Okay one confession – I was literally lusting after Sleek eyeshadow palettes and their contour kit since a very long time. But I was hesitant in shopping with a card and also, my Dad didn’t allow me 😛

But the real trouble started the day I saw the Sleek candy collection. I almost went out of control then. I was dreaming about it day and night and finally convinced my Dad and myself to order it 😀

So knowing fully well that I would very rarely use such bright colours on my eyes, I finally placed my order on 14th June.


I ordered 1 I-candy eyeshadow palette, 1 Sweet Cheeks blush by 3 palette and 1 Face contour kit. My order amounted to $35.92 including shipping. Shipping was $4.95 via Royal Mail International.

I got an email on 17th June that my order has been dispatched.

Despite being assured by the very sweet Tshering, to be very honest, I had already assumed I won’t be getting my order anytime soon or it would be damaged or I would have to pay heavy customs or it would never arrive 😛 but but but, it came today morning. 10 days after I placed my order. Very fast and totally safe:)


My order came in an outer package (shown in the first picture) lined with bubble wrap. Inside the products were safely wrapped in bubble wrap.

There was a very small amount of fallout of the eyeshadows but nothing bothersome and no harm to anything else.

You can’t even imagine my excitement 😀 my Monday had never been so happy 🙂

So, here a few pictures for you all to drool over 😛

Oh my! Just look at them!!!!






I’ll be sharing swatches with you all super soon 🙂

Take care!

TBS & MAC Haul and some rambling!


I hauled, way too early in this month, no? Sigh!

My best friend and I were just hanging out when this haul happened 😛

I’ll come straight to the stuff I bought!


The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m way too addicted to TBS now and I’ve even got my mom and sis addicted! They had sniffed at these beauties last time and were hooked, especially my sis who really likes bananas, I don’t though, but still loved the fragrance of these! And these are more natural than other stuff in the market so finally decided these over L’occitane which is way too expensive 🙂

These were on my wishlist here.


Then we were just randomly checking out MAC when I got the MSF Natural tried on my face and lovveeedddd it 😛 If you follow me on twitter, you must have read last night’s tweet ; I have been seriously obsessed with MSF since some days! And there in the store I couldn’t resist myself! So, I’m finally the very proud owner of MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural – Medium. You can’t imagine the feeling now that I have it !!!!!!


I was scared my mom will kill me when I got home, but I first asked her does she notice anything different about my face, and she said it’s looking nice, it’s looking very smooth! And then I told her what I bought and she was like “Acha hai! It’s looking nice, but don’t waste it! ” yessss 😀 No scolding even 😛

So, that’s my entire haul.

And I observed that usually I buy lots of small small stuff which makes me feel super guilty and today I bought some big stuff and both overall would cost same na, so now I’m done with this month’s makeup shopping. Now, will shop only for my college farewell, which is in the last week of April.

What big makeup splurges have you made recently? Loving them or regretting? 😀 Do share in the comments below:)