Five Friday Favourites #3

Hey everyone! Eid Mubaarak to all of you! 🙂 how are you celebrating Eid? We have very close family friends who are Muslim and throw a huge party for Eid everytime and sadly we couldn’t go this time and aahh.. I’m already missing the chicken biryani 🙁 I know I’ve been very inactive of lateContinue reading “Five Friday Favourites #3”

Our first makeup swap! :)

Our first makeup swap! 🙂 Hey everyone! 🙂 It all started when Khaddu mentioned this casually that maybe we can do a makeup swap and well, we did it! 😀 We both were doing this for the first time and were very excited about it! Basically a makeup swap means two people send each otherContinue reading “Our first makeup swap! :)”

OS Update – Latest Lakme products: online availability.

Hey everyone 🙂 You all must be aware that Lakme has just launched the first CC cream in the Indian market. I’m very interested in trying it and so, I had been searching for it online. Just now, I spotted it on and thought I’ll share it with you all so you can buyContinue reading “OS Update – Latest Lakme products: online availability.”

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