Five Friday Favorites #18

Hello my loves :* 

Yes it’s that time when we have… 



Favorites ❤️ 

This edition, I won’t even call them favorites , because I’m madly madly in love with allll these, so much so that I wish I would buy 10 of these and stock up alreadyyyy. Continue reading

Want skin like angels?


I am a huge skincare product junkie. And most of the time I just can’t stick to a routine due to this exact reason that I love hoarding skin care.

And it’s extremely easy to tempt me with a new cleanser which will make face fresh all day or that moisturizer which balances my combination skin completely or that light and pretty serum that gives me glowing skin and also has anti-ageing stuff. Omg I need help :/

Now that you know my condition let’s move on to the latest addition to my collection, this cleanser/scrub from Lush.

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My experience with Lush Easter 2014 Collection.

I know I know I’m terribly late with this Easter Collection post, but I’ve been going through a pathetic phase and have come home to India this week and now I’ll get back with pending posts!


So, Lush launched a really nice collection for Easter, which had a lot of new and limited edition products. I’m reviewing 3 of the 10 products in this collection. These were limited edition and I feel so bad I’m posting about these so late.

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