Maybelline Vivid Matte lip colors.


Hey everyone!

How are you all doing today? It was hot as high as 95F last 2 days here, and now it is raining crazily! Ah, well!

I’ve been using these Maybelline vivid matte lip colors since around 3 weeks now. And I’m sharing my experience with you guys now, it’s not exactly a full detailed review, but a small post about what I liked and didn’t like about these!

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Pink Glittery Champagne On My Nails!


Hey everyone 🙂

I came home to Delhi from Chicago for the summer vacations all sad and depressed, mainly because I haven’t been doing very well in my studies and also because I really wanted to do a good summer internship but I didn’t manage to get any 😦 then I got the chance to do a basic industrial training sort of thing in Delhi in a really good company for a month and I got excited and have now joined office last week. Its nothing special and it’s not like a real job but I’m still loving it coz I’m learning a lot and enjoying it 😀 and yes this is why I’ve been busy and unable to blog!

But anyway, I have quite some interesting product reviews all set to be posted 😀

About this post, well, just when I felt I was completely over glitter nail paints, Maybelline comes up with these gorgeous ‘Glitter Mania’ nail paints and they’re trending just about everywhere! Sigh! I had to go get atleast one and see what the hype is all about!

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Five Friday Favorites #10

Hey everyone!

After a little long time, I’m back with my five Friday favorites.


L’Occitane repairing hair mask ~ I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner from this range since quite some time and I got a few sachets of this repairing hair mask as samples with my purchase of the shampoo conditioner. Each sachet got me around 3-4 uses from it and I’ve been in loveeee with the hair mask. And now finally I’ve got around to buying the full size of this, it was super expensive and broke my heart when I bought it but the mask does give me really nice hair so well!!!

Forest Essentials Rose shampoo ~ I had just bought this small travel sized bottle to try during my visit to India in December as I am in the process of eliminating all sulphates from my hair care routine and this looked like a good sulphate free option! And now I wish I had bought the full sized bottle as this shampoo is lovely. It is very mild but cleans hair nicely and smells very nice too. The bottle is in such a bad state coz I had taped it a lot for my luggage 😛

Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream ~ I’m loving all three of these, and I’ve finished using the pomegranate one. I just reviewed these yesterday here!

Vaseline cocoa radiant body oil ~ this is so so so hydrating!!!! It makes my skin super soft and my skin even smells so good after using this! I will review it soon, before this winter ends!

Maybelline color bloom in peach blossom ~ I got around to using this again after a really long time! And aah as always I love these so much! Especially this peach one looks so natural and pretty on my lips:P I’ve reviewed this here.

These are my current favorites; do share your favorites with me in the comments below 🙂


How to re-use your old gel eyeliner.

Hey everyone 🙂

How’re you all? The weather in Delhi is great at the moment, it’s raining heavily 😀


Today, I’ll show you how I got a new gel eyeliner in an old tub 😀

If you read all my posts, you would probably know how much I love gel eyeliners!

I have 8 gel eyeliners at the moment and I love all of them! My first was one bought in May last year and it was the Maybelline black and silver swirl one. This January, I was just playing around with all my liners and I dropped the black and silver one!!! Can you imagine how I must have felt! 😦 although it was old now and I had been using it very less that time, also it had become quite dry maybe due to the peak winters, but I was still very upset!

Thankfully, it survived the fall but there was a minor crack or rather dent on one side of the tub. My sister has this crazy thing in her mind and she has always wanted to mix up or swirl my gel eyeliners, even lip balms!!! And seeing this dent, she convinced me to let her swirl it up and she did it immediately with the eyeliner brush itself!!


At first I felt angry but then I tried using it and guess what, it felt amazingly creamy and smooth to use! Even creamier than when I first bought it! Believe me, it feels as creamy as MAC Fluidline. And now, it has been 6 months since this happened, and it’s still very creamy and extremely easy to use!

I am very happy I did this, since now I have such a soft liner to use as well as a different shade altogether! And you need to feel the creamy texture it has got now to believe this! it is just amazing!


But please note that when we did swirl it, it was not very hard, it did have a certain softness in it. But the best thing is that due to this swirling, it has retained that moisture for such a long time! Maybe it just got a lot of air in it, you know like whipped cream, something like that has happened to my liner I’m guessing!

So, I recommend you all to try it. If any of your gel liner has become a little hard or dry, first soften it up a bit, by keeping it in some hot water for some time. And then just take your eyeliner brush or maybe a toothpick or something and give it a good mix!!! I hope it works for you all! I don’t think you’ll be able to do this if the liner has become a total rock, but maybe you can still try after softening it!

I am going to try it with my Inglot gel eyeliner which has become very hard just after 6-7 months 😦

Do let me know if you try this and please share the link with me if you share pics of your liner!:)

Have a happy weekend! 

Budget Makeup Starter Kit.

Hello everyone 🙂

Here we go with another long pending post from my drafts!


These days all girls want to look their best and simple makeup just helps them achieve the right look. But not everyone can afford high-end makeup, and that shouldn’t discourage anyone as these days there is a plethora of good-quality options out there in the market at various prices!

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Me, My Nails and My Nail Paints.


Hello everyone 😀

I’m having a comfortable Monday at home, but still quite a busy one. What about you?

The title of this post might be a bit funny but I just wanted to share some rambling about my journey with nail paints.

I have not been a nail paint lover forever. In fact, I used to despise them when I was in school, I guess in 9-10th standard. I used to find them goopy and a pain to apply and remove. But somewhere down the line I didn’t realize when I fell in love with them. I have always been a fan of colours and all things colourful so nail paints can be called an easy way to indulge myself in colours. Initially in my early college days I used to hoard nail paints just too much. But only those local 15-50bucks nail paints. Mostly by Ebony, Nail Juice, Elle 18. I used to change my finger and toe nails almost twice a week and was in total love with the colourful nail paints.


Many of these have dried out and I need to throw them but well…I love them 😛

But slowly the craze mellowed down and I started experimenting with more brands and a little more expensive nail paints. Also, becoming a beauty blogger made me want to experiment as much as I could. So I started buying Maybelline, Revlon, Lotus, Colorbar, NYX etc etc.

These nail paints are just a few random ones from my collection.


I’m still a little of a miser when it comes to nail paints 😛 I won’t mind spending a 1000 odd bucks on an eyeliner from MAC but the same for a nail paint makes me shudder 😛

Till now, my most expensive nail paint is by NYX for Rs.297. 😛 yes, I know I still have a long way to go 😛

I feel that since I have to change them every week, why spend a fortune on them? And to be honest, its only once in a while I fall in love with a nail paint so much that I repeat it often.

If you ask me my favourites out of my collection, although it’s very difficult to choose, I’ll say these are my favourite 7 –


These are all those that I can wear forever 🙂 and yes I have an obsession with pink nail paints. 😛

Also, the Nail Juice one in the picture above is almost dried out and not usable but I still keep it because I love the shade and I’m looking for a new one for this but cant find it 😦 it’s a bright hot pink! 😀

I’m still too much of a novice at nail art so let’s not talk about that 😛

In the past 10-15 days, I have got these 7 new nail paints which I’m yet to use properly. Some are PR samples, rest I’ve bought. I’ve already showed you the Lotus ones here.


I’ll review all of these this month. So, which one do you want to see first? I have the L’Oreal one on my nails at the moment 😛

How much do you spend on nail paints?

My favourites – May 2013.


Another monthly favourites post!

This month was a very emotional month! My college farewell took place and it was the last month of college, its kindof hard to accept that college is over! Spent four memorable years here and made amazing friends!

Between all this and my final practicals, project presentation and the extreme heat in Delhi, I hardly used makeup this month and had absolutely no time to try new stuff!

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OS Update – Some new launches in Lakme, Maybelline, Faces.


Hey everyone 🙂

I’ve been MIA since a few days and will be missing more this coming month as I have my final exams!

Exams are the time when I shop online the most 😛 c’mon there are so many new products and I can’t go to shop na 😦

So, well here are a few products that have been launched recently and are available on Medplus beauty already!

P.S. I’m not being paid to write about them by any site or brand, just spotted these there and decided to share them with you, in case you wish to try them and can’t find them in stores or just are too busy to look for them 😛

Here is the Lakme poptint collection –

Nail tints.


Lip tints.


These are also available at


Maybelline Colorsensational high Shine lip glosses

Such pretty shades in this collection, no? 🙂


The whole of Faces ultimate pro range is available, the matte lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara!

Faces Ultimate Pro nail lacquer –  they’re even on discount!


Happy shopping 🙂

My favourites – April 2013.


Another month over! Phew! This was a fun month for me and also a month which has taken a few major decisions of my life. I’ll share them with you once they’re finalized 🙂

I am sorry for not being regular since some time, my laptop was giving me major trouble and it finally crashed on Friday 😦 All my data is in it so can’t post anything right now, thankfully I had already completed this post and it was in the drafts to be posted at the end of the month!

I had a lotttt of favourites this month, as you can see!

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