Masking resolution 2018

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle” Continuing with new year kinda posts, I have a lot of resolutions I have made this year in the beauty area. And one of the most important ones is committing more strongly to my skin and hair care!

2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes

Did we just finish another year??!!!!! How is time flying soon fast ah!! I know it sounds just so cliched but I swear I remember 1st Jan 2017 so vividly(was it not yesterday!!!), we partied, we prayed at a temple, we were hopeful of having a lovely year despite a not so lovely 2016. AndContinue reading “2017 Review | Welcoming 2018 | Positive vibes”

Welcoming 2014 with some promises to myself!

2013 was a life changing year for me! From being a spoilt pampered girl who has lived in the shelter of her parents all 21 years of her life, I moved so so far from home, to study and learn to become independent in a city so beautiful but a complete stranger to me, Chicago.

My resolutions for 2013!

I make new resolutions every year (they’re mostly the same as the previous year actually), but I hardly follow any resolution. But still, it feels good to make them, no? 😀 2012 was a very good year for me. It brought me a lot of different types of happiness. I also started this blog inContinue reading “My resolutions for 2013!”

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