Five Friday Favorites #12

I have missed you guys so much and it has been so long I shared my favorites with you all! So here are my current favorites – The Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter – this is such a gem of a product! I love it! I have even recommended it to so many of myContinue reading “Five Friday Favorites #12”

My ‘The Body Shop’ Collection Part 1

I am a huge huge TBS fan as regular readers here might already would know 😛 my mom keeps pointing out how my love for TBS is getting out of hand and so I decided to count out all products I have from the brand and well, the number turned out quite huge :0 ThisContinue reading “My ‘The Body Shop’ Collection Part 1”

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Review.

The strawberry shower gel by The Body Shop was one of the first products I used and loved from the brand. I have even repurchased that over time. I love this fragrance but somehow never got around to trying other products from this range and finally when I was about to buy their body mistContinue reading “The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Review.”

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach body scrub Review.

I love peaches! Eating peaches, Tropicana peach mango juice, peach flavor in lip balms, makeup, peach color…all of them 😀 And that’s the reason I HAD to try the vineyard peach range of The Body Shop. So I got this body scrub and body lotion during thanksgiving sale!

The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Butter Review.

Hey everyone! I have a kindof OCD about washing my hands alllll the time. I keep smelling my hands and if there is any faint trace of any smell I dislike or any greasy feeling or anything out of place, I run to wash my hands 😛  basically, I wash my hands like a 1000Continue reading “The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Butter Review.”

The Body Shop Honeymania Collection.

A Honeypot of Richness Honey is Mother Nature’s gourmand secret. Prized for its deliciously sweet taste and aroma, honey is also a natural moisturiser, known for its ability to soften, smooth and nourish skin. Our rich, moisturising Community Fair Trade honey comes from the Ethiopian rainforest. It’s organically hand-harvested from only the ripest honeycombs, ensuringContinue reading “The Body Shop Honeymania Collection.”

Rant & Rave ~ The Body Shop Lychee Shimmer lip balm.

I am extremelyyyy fond of lychees! I love eating fresh lychees as well as drinking those packaged lychee juices. When I was in college in Delhi, and whenever I had to choose some packaged drink to have in summers especially in metro stations, I always chose lychee juice by this particular brand called Fresca. IContinue reading “Rant & Rave ~ The Body Shop Lychee Shimmer lip balm.”

The Body Shop Blueberry body butter Review.

Hey everyone! Winters bring in a lot of dryness to my body especially my legs! You can scratch on them 🙁 And Chicago winters are especially harsh and I need good moisture for my body in such weather! I’m honestly scared of going back to Chicago next week, have you seen the news about someContinue reading “The Body Shop Blueberry body butter Review.”

The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub Review.

Hey everyone 🙂 How’s the new year going? When I went to Chicago in august, I did not take any bath and body stuff with me! Nothing! So I needed to buy some essentials soon. And for my love for TBS and they also had a sale going on, this was one of the firstContinue reading “The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub Review.”

Thanksgiving/November big haul!

Hey everyone! I told you all last week that I’ll show you my November haul soon so here I am! I had not bought a single thing whole of September and October except few essentials for this weather and so I hauled quite a lot of stuff this month. The sales here during thanksgiving are justContinue reading “Thanksgiving/November big haul!”

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