My ‘The Body Shop’ Collection Part 1

I am a huge huge TBS fan as regular readers here might already would know 😛 my mom keeps pointing out how my love for TBS is getting out of hand and so I decided to count out all products I have from the brand and well, the number turned out quite huge :0 ThisContinue reading “My ‘The Body Shop’ Collection Part 1”

Hot News! BB Cream gets cool!

Vitamin E COOL BB CREAM Get Nude Perfection Stay cool with Vitamin E COOL BB Cream, our new BB Cream hero. With its light coverage, light price and moisture-rich formula, this cool take on BB Cream quenches skin and covers Imperfections in a flash Experience beautifully fresh-looking skin in an instant. Vitamin E COOL BB Cream illuminates evens and corrects your complexion for a refreshed skin-look. What’s more, this hydrating BBCream drenches skin with moisture for 12 hours. SkinContinue reading “Hot News! BB Cream gets cool!”

Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.

Hey everyone 🙂 How’s the week going? Of late, I’ve become such a ‘store-shopper’ and I hardly shop online and this when I was a hard core impulsive online shopper a few months back. I guess the reason might be how sites have now decreased the discounts they give. 🙁 it’s really disappointing! I loveContinue reading “Rant & Rave – TBS Olive Body Scrub.”

QUICK REVIEW, SWATCHES: The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment lip gloss – Go Wild.

Hey everyone 🙂 How’s your week coming along? 🙂 mine is boring… exams from next week 🙁 Today I’m reviewing TBS hi shine lip gloss for you all. This is a short review as this was a special lip gloss part of the Lily Cole collection.

REVIEW: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub According to The Body Shop, This exfoliating body scrub with organic olive oil is perfect for normal to dry skins. It leaves skin soft and smooth. Stimulates skin microcirculation Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth Neutral olive scent Ingredients: Price: INR 995 for 200ml. Available at The Body ShopContinue reading “REVIEW: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub”

REVIEW: The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist.

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist. Ingredients: Price: INR645 for 100ml. Available at The Body Shop outlets and a few online stores.   My experience: I got this body mist recently from It was a totally random purchase. Purplle was selling the mists with the old prices and so I thought I should definitelyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist.”

Rant&Rave – The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.

Hello everyone 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing Holi 🙂 I am raving about this cleanser today which is my current favourite! I bought this as a part of the Vitamin E skin care starter kit that I have already reviewed here. When I reviewed this cleanser I wasn’t much impressed by it asContinue reading “Rant&Rave – The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.”

REVIEW: The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume.

The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume. According to The Body Shop’s website, Our irresistible fragrance in a compact, portable solid perfume. Love Etc…™ is a heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes. Lasting fragrance Compact and portable Price: INR 725 for 13g Available at all TBS outlets. My experience: This is the first solidContinue reading “REVIEW: The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume.”

TBS & MAC Haul and some rambling!

I hauled, way too early in this month, no? Sigh! My best friend and I were just hanging out when this haul happened 😛 I’ll come straight to the stuff I bought! The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m way too addicted to TBS now and I’ve even got my mom and sis addicted!Continue reading “TBS & MAC Haul and some rambling!”

My favourites – January 2013.

  I didn’t buy a lot of new stuff this month as I had been doing in the previous months. And so, I had a lot of time to use and judge my old stuff. There have also been a few new products which became instant favourites.

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